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My intuition speaks to me primarily, when I’m relaxed and chilling, often flowing through for me in the form of ideas, through a sense of knowing & or through visions I experience in my dream state.

Spending time on my own, enables me to connect with my inner guidance & the more time I spend on my own, the more proficient I am becoming at recognising the different ways my intuition speaks to me, and like regular exercise, the more consistent I am with showing up each day, to tune into my intuition, the stronger my intuitive abilities become and the clearer my guidance is, because I’m becoming more confident at recognising my “Heart Speak”.

Having studied & practiced alongside many highly intuitive people over the last decade and through my beautiful connections in my Soul Sister Circle, I’ve come to discover that each person’s intuition is fabulously unique in the way that each person’s guidance comes through to them.

I've also discovered that when we choose to consciously connect with our inner guidance, intuition, gut instinct, feeling, sense of knowing, nudges or intuitive hits; When we trust the information is coming through for us is for our higher good, and we allow our heart’s guidance to show us the way in life, we develop a relationship with our soul, that is so strong that we do not want to live a life without tuning in. Tuning in, becomes the way, the best way to live.

We also awaken to the fact that our intuition can help us in EVERY AREA of our lives!

I personally use my intuitive guidance to help me make decisions about –

What do I feel like wearing today?

What do I feel like eating today?

Which way shall I drive to work?

Which way do I want to walk my dogs today?

What shall I cook for dinner?

What kind of fun activities I want to do with my family?

Where do I feel like going on holidays?

Does a person’s vibe align with me or not?

Life becomes really magical, when we make the time to strengthen our intuitive super powers & trust in our intuitive nudges to help us with our decision making processes in our lives.

Getting QUIET is the KEY!

My intuitive nudges come through to me, when I’m relaxed and more often than not, when I’m doing EVERY DAY activities like –

+ Driving

+ Folding clothes

+ Baking

+ Washing the dishes

+ Outside in Nature

+ Exercise

+ Having a Shower

+ Hanging out with a friend

+ Eating a meal

I am also keen to continue to developing my intuitive super powers, to also develop my psychic abilities and connect more deeply with own inner guidance, so I make the time in my daily schedule to include activities which not only help me to feel grounded, they also help me strengthen my abilities.

There are many intuitive exercises that I have explored over the years, and the ones that I am drawn to most, are simple activities that I include into my day with ease -

+ Meditating

+ Spending time in Nature

+ Exercise

+ Intuitive Journaling

+ Using my Angel/Oracle Cards

If it’s not something I can include to my day with ease, I don’t tend to do it, because it becomes stressful for me and I like my day to flow easily.

Now it’s your turn……

In what ways does your intuition guide you on a day to day basis?

Which way do you feel drawn to cultivating a deeper connection with your intuition?

What is one way, you can start doing this right now?

Let me know in the comments box below, the ways you feel your intuition likes to speak to you. I'd love to hear how your intuition has helped you in your life. I hear amazing stories ALL the time and I'd love to hear your amazing personal stories too.

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