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I believe are all looking for “connection”. Connection enables us to be seen, be heard and feel like we matter.

Everyone of us needs “connection” to feel validated in our lives & to have the courage to live our lives on our terms.

Connection comes in many forms and in many ways!

When I think of connection, I personally think of my connection with…..

  • Nature

  • Creative Expression

  • People

  • Myself

  • Animals

  • Food

  • Emotions

We are either connected or we’re disconnected right?

I personally choose “connection” every time.

How do I know I’m connected?

I find that when I’m connected, it’s because I’m paying ATTENTION - Paying attention to what’s happening in nature, paying attention to my intuition and the ideas flowing to me and through me, paying attention to the people I socialise with on a daily basis, paying attention to I feel and how my body is feeling & I’m paying attention to the signs and symbols that life is putting in front of me.

When I’m connected, I’m in the flow, my soul’s rhythm is in sync with life’s music and when I’m in sync, life is way more fun, I laugh more & my heart is FULL and because I’m connected, I start to feel the beautiful emotions we all love experiencing the moment, such as the feelings of Gratitude & Love that blind side us when we realise we’re having a great time in our lives.

For me personally, the kinds of experiences that remind me how amazing my life is, include when I am -

  • Playing Sport with my family & friends

  • Meditating

  • Enjoying an amazing meal and laughs with my beautiful friends

  • Watching people I love most thrive in their own lives

  • Watching my clients bring their dreams into reality

  • Bodysurfing in the Ocean

  • Walking in Nature

  • Reminiscing about where I started and where I am now in my life

  • Creating amazing experiences for others

  • Going on family holidays in amazing places around the world

  • Having an amazing heart felt connection with another human being

  • Playing games with my loved ones

  • Singing as loud as I can in my car as I drive

In what way, do you love to connect most? What does connection mean to you?

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