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Now a little while ago, I wrote a blog about feeling connected, and if you missed it, you can click here to read it all about the importance of connections in our lives;

In this blog, I shared with you, that I believe we are all looking for connection in our lives and I believe that most of us prefer to connect with people who are energetically at the same level as us, because it’s familiar to us and we don’t need to step out of our comfort zone to do this. When I talk about being on the same energetic vibration, I’m referring to the idea that you may share the same interests or you may be on a similar life path in this moment.

When our souls expand and grow, we often start attracting people into our lives who are on a similar journey. I find this quite exciting, when this happens to me, especially when I’m embracing new experiences in my life, where everything is new, exciting and unknown.

Sometimes these new experiences too, can be unnerving and bring up feelings of apprehension or fear inside me.

This is where I need to observe, whether my feelings of apprehension, are because I fear failing at this new experience, it is genuinely dangerous or whether my intuition is warning me that this is not a good idea for me right now. It’s important to know the difference.

New experiences require us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When we can grasp this concept, we realise it’s totally to OK to feel vulnerable, apprehensive and fearful. We just don’t need to let these feelings stop us from taking the next step in our lives, and from trying something NEW. Putting myself out there and risking rejection, is something I do all the time now in my business and it can feel very vulnerable at times, however, I know that I’m committed to helping empower people, and I believe my message which will reach those & resonate easily with those women, who want to raise their vibration in life. I can’t let the feelings of apprehension, vulnerability and fear stop me in my tracks, otherwise I’ll never do anything productive in my life.

There are too many amazing experiences I want to create and enjoy, so I’m getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. I’m getting comfortable with feeling nervous & fearful, and I’m getting comfortable with trying NEW things MORE OFTEN.


The upside of raising your vibration is that you….

+ Grow in confidence in yourself

+ Learn SO many new things

+ Start meeting new friends who are on the same journey and are interested in your passions

+ Learn it’s OK to let go of people who are not energetically aligned with you anymore

+ Your relationships get upgraded in all areas of your life

+ All areas of your life are positively impacted by your own growth

+ Start to inspire others to raise their vibration too – HOW GOOD IS THIS!


Raising your vibration isn’t always easy, and sometimes it means’ wishing farewell to relationships that no longer support your higher good, but if you believe that life always has your best interest at heart, sometimes saying goodbye to relationships or stepping back from a relationship, IS life’s way of taking care of us. So feel all the feels that come with endings and NEW beginnings, this is part of your energetic upgrade, and then choose to put one foot in front of the other each day, so you keep moving forward in life and you will continue to connect with people on your journey who match your energetic vibration.

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