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Taking action in our lives, is much more important than being perfect. Often we can procrastinate and keep putting off the thing we really want to do, because of our fear of not being good enough, or even our perception of failure. If we think we might fail, we’d rather not try.

I see too many times, people, not taking action in their lives, because they think they won’t be good enough, or fear they will fail at it – You only fail, if you don’t try. You cannot be a failure, if you give something a go. Giving something a go, may mean starting from the bottom and working your way up, it may take time & effort, and this is OK.

I’m here to give you that gentle nudge in the direction of your dreams…..

Take action in your life!

Make the first step into the exciting unknown!

Just have a go!

Sign up for that dance class you’ve been wanting to try, go for the dream job you’ve been visualising in your mind, go on that exciting holiday you’ve been talking about for months.

Try something NEW in your life!

Here’s the thing…..

To live the life of our dreams, means doing things we’ve never done before, stepping into the exciting unknown, making new connections or even, try doing something you love to do in a slightly different way.

It may take a leap of faith into the unknown or we dip our toe into the water and take baby steps, this is OK too!

So many of us, want to take our life to another level, doing the same thing, the same way, we’ve done for years, expecting a different result. Doing what you’re doing now, the same way, will give you the exact result, you currently have experienced. Trying something new, will open the doors up to new and hopefully, exciting opportunities for you in your life.

You may meet some new amazing people, or even, make connections that would never have happened if you didn’t step out of your comfort zone.

What have you got to lose beautiful?

Absolutely nothing.

If it doesn’t work out, you will be proud of yourself, for having a go, just don’t stop trying new things.

As long as you listen to your intuition & follow your curiosity, you will be led to exciting experiences in your life.

Let me ask you, looking back over your life, what bold risks did you take, that turned out to be a great decision?

My guess is, you have already taken leaps of faith in your life, which turned out to be amazing for you and your family – You may have decided to pack your bags, and move interstate or even overseas in the hope of a better life. You may have chucked in a job, for a better job with better conditions, or even started up your own business, to become your own boss.

It may take a minute, but if you take your time, I know you will be able to pin point a time in your life, where you took a leap of faith, into the unknown, because it would add value to your life.

Taking action in my life right now, has enabled me to start my new podcast Soul2SoulWellness with Kaye Vlachos. Instead of dwelling over the possibility, that it might not do well, that women may not like what I have to share, I’m just taking action and I feel great, recording each episode. It makes me feel amazing, to finally share with you, all the tools and tips, that I share with my clients in my mentoring practice, so you too, can go out and try them for yourself, in your own life. I’m getting out of my own way, and taking each day as it comes, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It’s not been easy, I’m not a techy person, and there have already been plenty of times, I’ve had to re-record my podcasts, because the quality of my recordings weren’t very good, or I’ve become tongue twisted during my recordings. This is a new experience for me, and I will just keep getting better as I keep showing up.

So perhaps, there is that one thing, you’d been wanting to try, that keeps popping into your head. An exciting idea, that your intuition, is gently nudging you towards.

Are you ready to action?


Take action in your life!

Make the first step into the exciting unknown!

Just have a go!

You can do it – Progress not perfection is the key.

Let me know, what you decide you need to take action on, I would love to hear from you!

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook at Kaye Vlachos_Soul2SoulWellness – Send me a private message, I look forward to hearing from you.




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