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Today’s blog is a real treat!

If you have been part of this beautiful community for a while, you will know that I’m a huge podcast fan. So much so, that I decided to start my own podcast show "Soul2SoulWellness with Kaye Vlachos" to share with you, everything I’m learning on my own mind, body, soul journey, in the hope that it may help you in your life, if indeed, you need emotional support and practical ideas, to help you master you mindset & well-being on a daily basis.

As well as creating my own podcast show, I’m ALWAYS listening to podcasts. In fact, in our car, when I’m driving my daughters to school, we negotiate podcast listening time, alongside, listening to music.

I am that person, when I feel a deep connection with a certain podcast guest, I will search for all the podcasts interviews they’ve done, and listen to multiple interviews with the same person – Call me crazy, but I love it.

So today, I thought, I’d share with you, my favourite podcast shows right now, other than my own, as well as, some of my favourite podcast interviewees, and I’m so excited for you to listen to them too.

At the beginning of my week, I LOVE listening to 2 x weekly forecasts from Helen Jacobs on the “Guided Collective” and Emily Aarons “Aligned & Unstoppable

Right now, I’ve been enjoying listening to the following podcast guests – I’ve included the links to their interviews, because, they are really are next level, so download them onto your phone, to listen to later or you might even be able to listen to them straight from your laptop.

Light your world up with these podcasts, and let me know what you think!

Happy Listening Podcast Lovers!


Podcast Guest - Deepak Chopra

Podcast Show – “On Purpose with Jay Shetty”

Podcast Title - “How to be more present and not be overwhelmed with life”

Podcast Guest – Deepak Chopra

Podcast Show – Super Soul Sunday

Podcast Title - “Belief creates Reality”

Podcast Guest - Joe Dispenza

Podcast Show – “The Goop Podcast”

Podcast Title “How to Create your Future Self”

Podcast Guest – Joe Dispenza

Podcast Show – “The School of Greatness”

Podcast Title - “Heal the Body and Transform the Mind”

Podcast Guest - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Podcast Show – “Super Soul Sunday”

Podcast Title – “Your Life in Focus”

Podcast Guest – Kobe Bryant

Podcast Show – “The School of Greatness”

Podcast Title – “Mamba Mentality”


Podcast Guest – Christine Lang

Podcast Show – “Energy Matters”

Podcast Guest – Christine Lang

Podcast Show – “The Sheri and Nancy Show”

Podcast Guest – Laura Lynne Jackson

Podcast Show – “The GOOP Podcast”

Podcast Guest Laura Lynne Jackson

Podcast Show – “The Cosmos in You”

As always, let me know what you think of these shows, I LOVE THEM! I hope you do too!

If you really enjoy listening to these shows, it shows that you and I are definitely on the same wave length and that, it’s highly possible, you may also be interested in listening to my podcast show. If you haven’t had the chance already, you can listen to them here - - This is where, I get to share with you my thoughts on manifesting, intuition, why I believe your strengths are your super powers, believing in your own magic and simple ways to speak your truth.

I love the woo woo and I’m committed to helping you, apply it simply into your own life, starting today.

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