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At the time of writing this post, I’ve personally, have been really affected by the amount of tragic deaths, which have occurred, here in Australia and around the world, and the frequency at which these are happening, has really made me reflect on my own mortality, and what really matters in life.

Another not so gentle reminder, to me, of just how fragile life can be.

You see…..

We are given this moment, right now, not later, not tomorrow. Life can throw us a curveball in an instance.

We hope for tomorrow, however, for some, tomorrow may not come.

Now, I not writing this blog today, to sadden you or deflate your spirits, rather, I’m writing this blog today, to ask you to…..

+ Appreciate all the love that surrounds you in your life now

+ Be thankful for everything you’ve experienced over the years

+ Tell your loved ones, how you feel about them

+ Show through action, kindness & compassion for yourself and for others

+ Hug your loved ones, every chance you get

+ Tick your bucket list items off your list, now, not later

+ Go on that holiday, you keep talking about

+ Make the time to catch up with your girlfriend for a cuppa

+ Take better care of yourself now, not later

+ Make your life FUN

+ LAUGH EVERYDAY if you can

We can get caught up in the little things, from day to day, myself included, which really don’t matter.

Things like….

+ Why hasn’t my girlfriend called me back, when I called her last week

+ Why can’t my husband throw his clothes into the laundry basket, instead of on the floor

+ I wish my kids would let me get my work done, then I’ll have time to play with them

+ I can’t believe the mess that my kids have made in the kitchen, and now they expect to clean it up

+ I feel SO guilty, for eating that piece of cake

So how can we check in with ourselves on a daily basis, to make sure, we are living a life in alignment, filled with love, laughter, soulful conversations and lots of adventures?

Eat that cake, don’t feel guilty – Live your life to the MAX and DO IT YOUR WAY!

How can we, let the little things go and keep our eye on what really matters most?

It’s up to us, to choose, what we want EVERYDAY, and how we want to show up in our lives.

To wake up, and make the choice, to be thankful for what we already have, tell our loved ones, how we feel about them, hug our loved ones, tick EVERYTHING off our bucket list, go on that holiday, make the time to catch up with our girlfriends, take better care of ourselves, and LAUGH every day.

We get to choose to live consciously, and when we do, it’s like a light goes on inside that us, that has been waiting for us to flick the switch on, to wake up to what really matters in life, and that is LOVE.

Every decision we make, can be made from a loving place, remember, we get to choose.

So please, don’t waste another minute, ask yourself everyday…..

What can I do today, to make my life a little better?

And see where the answer to this little question takes you.

Love & Light,

Looking for more inspiration to make positive transformation in your life?

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I’d love to help you make your life a little better each day, with all my practical tips to help you feel better in life, and use all that new found energy, to live a life that is filled with love, laughter, soulful conversations and lots of adventures.

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