Self Care Is A Lifestyle

I believe self care is a lifestyle!

We get to choose how we show up for ourselves and in each moment - we choose words, thoughts and actions to support our self care or to simply not support it.

You deserve to create a sustainable lifestyle that helps you to feel bloody amazing in your skin, do not settle.

It begins with this…..

+ Feel into what self care looks like for you

+ Accepting that your idea of self care is unique to you

+ How do you want to feel each day when you wake up?

+ How do you want to feel through your day?

+ What are you already doing, that supports your self care?

+ In what ways would you like to be more supported?

+ Who else can help you feel this way?

+ How can you fit this into your life with ease?

+ What things can you drop out of your life, to create more space for you to take better care of yourself?

I love my self care rituals so much that I wish there were more than 24 hours in my day to do all of them – but this is not my reality right now and so I do the best I can, with the time I have on a day to day basis to stay energised and feeling great.

I have always prioritised my well-being, although from time to time I’ve fallen off path and gotten lost along the way only to find myself back on path again.

I knew when I became a mum that my self care had to be a priority. I want to be an amazing role model for my girls and this fuels me in my life to show up as the best version of myself, from day to day.

My girls inspire me to grow and evolve in every area – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually. I know my influence on them has a significant impact on their well-being, their personal growth and development and I have promised myself to leave no stone unturned on this life journey, because I want the best for them in EVERY WAY!

Additionally, I love my relationship with my husband and the life we are co-creating together and I want it to continue to get better and better. For this to happen, I know I have to show up each and every day, contribute, create and collaborate with this amazing human, who has chosen to life with me for the rest of our lives.

These guys are my inspiration; and when you find your inspiration it becomes easy to do what you know you need to do, to take amazing care of yourself.

So I have decided, that self care if a lifestyle choice for me, a way of living, where my choices help create the way I want to feel from moment to moment.

Does this make sense to you?

I know that when I choose activities that leave me feeling blissed out & content, that I am taking good care of myself.

Self Care is a LIFESTYLE!

So what day to day rituals do I embrace, which support my SELF CARE and help me to FEEL GREAT!

I thought I would share with you EVERYTHING…so that if you are looking to support yourself, you just may find something here, that resonates with you.

Now, this can change from moment to moment with me, but for right now, these are the activities that are really supporting my Self Care in this moment.

I’ve compiled a super list for you, which helps me thrive in my life, and I love to do all these things that are listed below.

My TIP for you?

When you can layer these self-care tools and include multiple activities together, it helps your feel better faster and doesn’t take as long to do. i.e. I often go down to the beach after school drop off to meditate, walk and then go for a boogie board either by myself or with my hubby or one of my soul sisters.

This way I get my sun therapy, I exercise, connect spiritually out in nature & with loved ones, and leave feeling great, because I have so much fun boogie boarding, all in 45-1hr, then I’m ready to welcome my clients into my healing room for energy healing

I know, that I like to receive healings from a healer, who prioritises their own self care & that your experience is so much better, when I feel great in my skin.

There is so much variety, that there is no way I’m going to get bored.


+ Meditation

+ Spending time in Nature

+ Energy Healings

+ Prayer

+ Yoga

+ Daily Manifesting Rituals

+ Hugging Trees

+ Connecting with the Moon Energy

+ Crystals

+ Sage Smudge Spray

+ Playing with angel cards


+ Walking

+ Gym Membership

+ Eating more whole foods / fruit / veggies

+ Sun Therapy

+ Drinking clean water

+ Grounding/Earthing barefoot

+ Sleeping more

+ Cooking for my Family

+ Essential Oils

+ Natural Skincare Products


+ Connecting with like-hearted Soul Sisters

+ Watching awesome TV Shows/Movies with my family

+ Try new activities like horse riding

+ Be more spontaneous

+ Laugh & Play more