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Being a mama, has been the single, most heart opening experience of my life.

To birth, one child, then another, then be tasked with the responsibility, of nurturing these 2 little ones, through their lives, is not a responsibility I take lightly.

My daughters, mean EVERYTHING to me, and their presence in my life, has forced me to grow in a way, that no other experience can.

When I signed up, metaphorically, to join the “mamahood”, I had no idea, what to expect, but I knew, that I was ALL in. I just followed the feeling, around the age of 30, that it was time for me to become a parent, and spent months, convincing my husband to come on the ride with me. I feel like my eldest daughter’s soul, was not only waiting patiently to be born, she was guiding me all along, because, when my husband finally said YES, we fell pregnant immediately. Gigi was on her way!

Being a mum, forced me to tap into my own inner child, start having fun in a way, I hadn’t since I was a child myself, and look at life through the eyes of my daughters. Going on adventures, in our living room, filled with all our dining chairs (to my husband’s horror), with towels pegged together over the top, forming the canopy, for our forest, which was really a tree-filled forest filled with fairies, waiting for us, to dance through it, enabled me to connect with my own imagination again, something I had not done for a very long time. I watched in wonder, as their imaginations came alive, each day, and every day after that, birthing a new exciting adventure, fully embracing their own creativity.

I learnt to live in the moment, again, because my daughters, choose to live in the moment, and now that they are older, this hasn’t really changed much. When I resist, living in the moment, I am met with resistance, by BOTH of them, another gentle reminder for me, every day, to be present. I don’t always get it right, and this is OK, life is about progression, not perfection. I’m a lot more present, now, than I used to be.

There are lots of things, I’m hoping to pass on to my daughters, but, at the core, I really believe, that they are in my life, to guide me. To help MY soul to continue to expand in ways, that never, would have happened, if they did not come into my life. To live MY full life’s purpose. It is because of them, I have the courage, to live the most meaningful life I can.

I would never be doing this work in this online space, had I not become a mama. I wouldn’t have the knowledge or experience, to share anything, with you about parenthood, without these two girls being in my life.

My eldest daughter, brings SO much light into my life, her enthusiasm and excitement for life, helped me tap into my own enthusiasm and excitement for life. She teaches me every day, through her living example, to live life to the full, say YES, to new opportunities, with total abandon. She also holds me to my truth, and if I step out of alignment, she is the first, to bring attention to this – Her honesty and integrity is next level. I’m SO grateful she guides ME in this way.

My spiritual journey, was sparked, through my 2nd pregnancy with my youngest daughter. I journeyed deeper into meditation, throughout the entire pregnancy, learning to visualize outcomes for myself, in a conscious manner, a co-incidence? I think NOT! Her soul came into my life, to guide me into this sacred space, and to nurture and continue developing my own intuitive abilities. She also reminds me every day, to connect with my “inner child” and make FUN a priority in my life. She is a soul, that has been here, many times before, and is wise beyond her years.

I think many of us, believe, that we are here to guide our children in life, when my lived experience, is telling me this is not so. My children, have dropped too many wisdom bombs on me, for me to think otherwise. They guide me in so many ways, in my life, and I when my heart is opened wide to receive their wisdom, in this way, I continue to grow. Where they have led me, so far, has been so exciting and has added so much more meaning to my life, that I will continue to open my heart to them, and let them lead me through life in this way, for the rest of my life.

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