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It really is wonderful to be meeting so many amazing women, who are awakening and remembering their intuitive super powers?

You see, we've all got them, we may have just forgotten or never really paid attention to the fact that we even use our intuition in our daily lives.

Many years ago, if I initiated a conversation around spirituality, I would be met with blank stares, like I was speaking another language, and as a result, I kept a lot of what I was super excited about........basically all this amazing spiritual stuff....... to myself.

Still tentatively dipping my toes into the water, so to speak, I continued to learn & explore spirituality, and then, coming across the topic of “manifesting” would basically stop me in my tracks.

The more and more I learnt about manifesting, the more I realised, that I could manifest into my lives, the kind of women, who were excited about the same topics that I am thrilled to dive into a hold a D&M about, and when I focused on this intent, slowly, but surely, I started to attract into my life the most amazing women, who’s own personal journey’s would fascinate me.

Then I wanted to learn more from a spiritual mentor, who was not online, but rather, in person, and surely, and requiring some patience on my part, I was introduced to the most amazing mentor, even though, when I first met her, she probably didn’t realise, that I had decided she was going to be my spiritual mentor. I just knew I wanted to learn from this phenomenal woman, and I’m so blessed to still have her in my life.

Of course, I did what most people do, and spent time manifesting financial abundance and amazing family holidays, and what I realised over time, was that the types of experiences that I enjoyed manifesting the most, were ones, which were created from my heart space and really tugged at my heart strings.

Manifesting with my kids, showing them how to do it for themselves, having so much fun with what we choose to manifest, my world opened up in the most amazing way.

It is also SUPER EMPOWERING!!!!!

Then one day the penny dropped, and I had this big AHA moment – Manifesting is not limited to creating financial abundance or a fancy car, we can in fact manifest in every area of our life, as long as it our heart’s desire, and we are in fact manifesting in every moment.

Whether we are doing this consciously or we’re on auto pilot, with every thought we create in our mind, every word we speak and every choice we make, we are manifesting. It’s all energy, the more energy we pour into a dream or goal we want to manifest for ourselves, the more momentum we create for ourselves in our lives and the higher the possibility we can bring this dream into reality.

This is why I created my "MANIFESTING MOJO" workshop, so that you too can learn how to manifest for yourself, for your children, for your family, for your loved ones.

When you learn how to do this, you will want to tell EVERYONE.

I love it so much when my clients message me or call me to tell me what amazing experiences they are manifesting for themselves..........SERIOUSLY, this stuff really works.

If you've made it to the end of my blog, is your intuition, guiding you to check this out for yourself?

I do think this might actually be the case.

Click this link, to get your manifesting mojo on, and stop delaying your ability to live the most amazing needs to start today!

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