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I feel inspired to talk about how we can support our teen children right now.

You may be a teen mentor, coach, teacher, parent, grandparent, auntie or sister, if you have a teen in your life, you have the perfect opportunity, right now, to inspire, motivate and empower them right now.

Teens are exploring right now, determining through their life experiences, whether they feel safe in this world, where they belong and fit in, most are trying to figure out, how others perceive them. They are putting the pieces of the puzzle of life together for themselves, and here is the thing, this is not always easy for them.

Teens are trying to figure life out, just as we are, just as we did as teens ourselves.

Now is the most important time in a teenagers life to help them determine that life is indeed safe, they are loved no matter what and this the stage of their life to follow their excitement, have fun with their friends, and lean into the topics that pique their curiosity.

Teens will test us again and again, as they navigate this interesting time in their life. Every single teenager is figuring life out the best way they know how, the popular teenager, the teen who likes to study, the sporty teenager, each and every teenager is now forming their identity for life.

What is our role through this?

We need to learn how to hold space for them, to let them know, we’ve got their back.

It’s not our role to dump our stuff on them, to want them to do better than we did in our teens, is a lot of pressure for them. I know first hand, that there will be resistance when you put your unresolved emotional stuff onto your teenager, and it is with the best of intentions that we sometimes do this, however, my Q to you, would be – How is this working for you? Is it reaping positive results?

I have mentored and coached hundreds of teens, and I am finding that when I hold space and speak, when spoken to, they are far more receptive to what I have to share with them.

Yes, this might require me to wait until they are ready.

Yes, this may mean that they don’t want to hear what I have to say right now, even though I feel the urge to share (I don’t always get this part right either).

Yes, this may mean that they just may want to figure this out for themselves.

So when they do eventually come to you, and they will, here’s what the emotional well-being coach/mentor in me, would love you to keep in mind.








Everything comes under this umbrella, and when you zero in on these 6 areas, you will be able to determine which area/s they need your support.

Share with them your personal stories, what you struggled with, what you would do differently, if you were a teen now.

Share with them, what you were most proud of as a teen, where did you receive support in your life growing up?

Who were your mentors, coaches, teachers, friends who had your back?

Focus on the positives, focus on the infinite potential your teen has, deep in their soul being, and help them move in this direction in their life, if indeed they want your help.

What does this have to do with spirituality?

Spirituality is one of the integral components of teen well-being.

They are figuring out, what they believe in, right?

They are discovering the spiritual realm, carrying crystals in their pockets for support, recognising that the full moon energy, may indeed be connected to their menstrual cycle, they are wanting to know what all this means.

They are asking the big Q’s about life, they are experiencing the death of loved ones in their life and are now asking, what happens next?

What does this mean for me?

I believe supporting our teens is important, and for this reason I have created the “TEEN GODDESS CIRCLE”.

A place where teen girls can come together to connect, to have the big Q’s answered in a safe space, with their best interests being served and to learn more about life.

Teens who are supported in this way early in life, will then be able to support their teen friends, sisters, brothers and cousins. How amazing will this be?

Imagine witnessing your teen, who is now equipped with the practical tools to support their own physical, emotional, spiritual, mindset and social well-being ,support others, because they feel confident in the ability to trust in their intuition and because you gave them the spiritual support they needed.

I am witnessing this in my life, with the beautiful teens I connect with on a daily basis, and it is mind blowing….and this TEEN GODDESS CIRCLE is being created for my TEEN CLIENTS!

Please click on the link HERE if you’re interested in learning more about this event.

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