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I have been a spiritual soul seeker all my life, I just didn’t know it at a young age.

I would find myself sitting on the couch, watching Oprah as much as I could, she seemed to be able to connect with me, in a way, that no one else did. Who would have thought, a TV show would help me with my personal development, in the way that this one did.

The guests that she brought on her show, were varied, yet, I especially loved the shows she created which, included guests such as Martha Beck, Cheryl Richardson, Louise Hay, Dr Phil, Rabbi Gary Neuman and Carolyn Myss.

It filled my heart up so much, to listen to the inspirational words, these mentors had to share with her audience, and little did I know, that my life would take a similar path.

You see, what I’ve learnt along the way, is that, what you admire in others, already exists within yourself.

The qualities that I admired in these guests, were qualities that I embody, and over the last decade or so, I have devoted myself, to applying the amazing knowledge I have learnt into my own life.

Knowledge when applied, becomes wisdom, and the very definition of wisdom, is lived experience.

Now this doesn’t mean that life has been easy, in fact, it is through the most difficult times in my life, that I have grown exponentially, and I have learnt the incredible life lessons.

The biggest life learnings, in my experience, have come through these difficult times, where I had to figure things out for myself, tap into the amazing inner strength and emotional resilience, that lay inside me somewhere, but didn’t revel themselves to me, until I needed to use them in my life.

Through my own personal struggle, I looked for guidance, and along the way the teachings of Cheryl Richardson, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Don Miquel Ruiz, Joe Dispenza, Robert Holden, Dalai Lama, Alan Cohen, Deepak Chopra, Sonia Choquette & Carolyn Myss found their way into my life. I know, that this is no co-incidence, as everything in life happens on purpose.

I found myself, soaking up the amazing wisdom they felt called to share, and then incorporating the specific teachings, that resonated with me, into my own life, to see if it worked for me – You see, I believe this particular step is key!

When you come across information that excites you and draws you into it, it’s important to test it out for yourself first, before you tell everyone about it (and you will want to tell everyone about it). There is so much information out there, and knowing how to filter this through your intuition is how I’ve been able to discern, which information will work for me or not in my life.

Through this experience, I then started to be drawn to holistic practitioners like psychic-mediums, energy healers, acupuncture, intuitive massage & kinesiology. These are all practitioners who tap into their intuitive super powers, to bring through information to help you , nurture your own intuition connection with your self, which results in exponential personal soul growth and expansion – NOW THIS IS WHERE LIFE STARTED TO GET REALLY EXCITING FOR ME!

I started exploring and visiting these practitioners, discovering, that every one of them was super unique in the way, they used their intuition. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to start learning about my own intuitive abilities, which by then, I had suspected, I may have some, even though I had no idea what they were, and at this stage, I was also starting to feel nervous and worried, I didn’t have any.

I decided to sign up for a “lightworker” course, here locally on the Sunshine Coast, which ended up certifying me as a Level 1 Lightworker / Energy Healer. The stuff I learnt in this course, blew my mind, & can only be experienced to be believed. It also was the first time, I realised, that I have my own intuitive super powers – Scary and Exciting all in the same breath.

It was also a beautiful space to be a part of, I connected with like-hearted soul sisters, and all my life was transforming in the most amazing way.

Who doesn’t want to do things, that add more value to your life, gets you excited and helps you to get to know how your mind, body and soul works.

I was also in the closet so to speak about this, for a long time, because I really didn’t known where this was going to take me, and I was scared I would be judged for being into something, that most people in my life didn’t understand. As my confidence in my abilities has increased, so has my confidence in sharing with others.

Energy Healing is the way forward for me, and ever since I did my first course (there have been many more course since to continue developing my intuitive super powers), I’ve been living in wonder and awe of the magic that is at all our finger tips, when we just take the time to go within, reflect and listen to our heart’s guidance.

The information is there for us, we were born with it, but somewhere along the line, some of us, become disconnected from our guidance, and it’s just a matter of re-connecting.

There are so many intuitive tools that can help you to connect to your own inner wisdom. Tools like psychometry, numerology, card reading, crystals, connecting in nature, palm reading, the spiritual practices of ancient cultures and more.

Where do you start?

Well, when you’re curious and open minded, the information, will start coming to you.

This is what is so exciting about the way our world works.

The universe co-creates with us, and the best place to start, is to take care of your energy levels. Make sure you are feeling great from day to day, because your intuition works best, and is easy to recognise when you feel great.

Living a high vibe life is a great way to live, and if you are still reading my blog post, I’d hazard a guess, that you are drawn to this lifestyle too. It is a lifestyle, and it is wonderful and it brings wonderful people into your world.

It has been a fabulous ride and one I know, has so much more depth than I even know, and I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds for me and for you.

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