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Want to know how I continue to transform my own mindset, each day?

Starting each morning, before I even open my eyes, I check in and begin to observe my thoughts and adjust my mindset, if needed.

What does that look like, from my perspective?

I check in with how I’m feeling, which is usually one of the following - “Exhausted”, “Snuggly"” or “Ready to Jump out of Bed”, and if I’m feeling exhausted, I know this is a sign, that my mindset needs attention.

I will “watch” and “listen” to my thoughts float in and out of my mind, a step many of us completely skip over, because, we don't want to really take accountability, for the thoughts we are thinking, or we just don't know that we can in fact do this for ourselves.

This could be anything from, “Have I slept in?” to “I better put the washing on now, so I have time to hang it out.” to “ I wonder if Charles has gotten up yet.” Side note.....I like to see if I can feel my hubby’s energy in the room, before I open my eyes – Just a little game I play with myself.

I’m also known to have thoughts like “I feel tired” or “I wish I had a better night’s sleep” to “I wish my body didn’t need to get up to go the toilet, because I really want to sleep in.”

When I am noticing that my thoughts are not what I like to call “helpful” for my mood, I will start reciting some of my favourite affirmations inside my mind. On some days, I find this easier to do, than others.

In fact, TODAY, I have really struggled with my mindset, so I've gently coaxed myself to do the things, I know, will energise me and help me FEEL BETTER. I sat down to meditate for 30 minutes, I drank my green smoothie outside in the sun, I even drove myself to the gym to exercise for a short amount of time, bought myself something yummy to eat and YES, I'm feeling much better than I did this morning. It takes action and a little persistance on some days, and if you know what activities help shift your mood, you've got the answer to mastering your mindset.

So back to lying in bed with my eyes closed in the morning - I will imagine, in my mind, what I’d like my day to feel like and look like and how I'd like it to play out – I will take myself through my day, from connecting with my family in the morning before everyone leaves for the day, to, how I’d like my client appointments to go, to making time to exercise and meditate, to cooking dinner that night, and re-connecting with my family at the end of the day.

This is called “Visualization”, such an incredible mindset tool, that I have been teaching my clients in my practice for years, and one I use myself, because, I know the value it has to help me create my day to day life, and my bigger goals for myself.

Spending time visualizing, also, helps transform my mindset and instead of dreading getting up, I end up getting excited about my day ahead.

My energy determines the kind of experiences I'm going to have throughout my day, so I try my best, to keep my energy levels up and mindset on track, as much as I can. Some days are of course, easier than others, and some feel more difficult, this is perfectly OK.

I don’t aim for perfection, rather, I try my best to help myself FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. I am always aiming to create this feeling.

Because when I feel good, life is always easier somehow, I have a more positive outlook on my day, and this is much better than the alternative right?

What is one way that you love to ensure your mindset is on track?

I see my mind, like the electronic dash in my car, which requires regular maintenance and servicing, to be able to instruct my body, the car's engine needs to perform at it’s optimum.

So many of us, expect our mindset to be able to cope with an extra-ordinary amount of stress at times, but never take the time to ensure, it can withstand the amount of pressure, we can place on ourselves.

We expect to be able to perform at the highest standard, without taking the time, to ensure, we are in fact capable of doing so. It takes effort, right, to ensure that our mindset is in a positive state – Wouldn’t it be worth the effort to transform your mindset, if you knew the outcome was going to be the ability to boost your mindset’s capacity, knowing you’d be able to thrive and be able to cope with anything life threw your way.

Wouldn't it be worth the few minutes in the morning, to FUEL YOUR MIND WITH GOOD THOUGHTS, so that she can power through your day with ease.

Getting your day off to a great start with a few minutes focused on your mindset, is a great place to start. It is also really important to me, and has transformed my life over the last 10 years in the most amazing way.

Clients will often come to me as a last resort, when everything else hasn't worked, when I wished we lived in a world, that realised, that every experience we have, good or not so good, is because of our ability to master our mindset and create our amazing life experiences consciously through our minds.

Look under the bonnet of your car, go inside your mind on a daily basis, re-frame your thinking patterns if need be & learn to flick the “self sabotaging” thoughts to the curb.

I’m on a mindset mission, to help people understand that taking care of our mindset state is the key to finding contentment, inner peace and success.

Kaye's 1:1 Mindset Mentoring Sessions are available world wide – Kaye is based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia and also offers "in person" mentoring to Sunshine Coast based clients. You can reach out to Kaye at to schedule your mentoring session with her today.

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