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Numerology with The Numbers Queen Sarah Yip

This week’s blog is real treat. Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of being featured on my beautiful friend Sarah Yip’s website Sarah is better known as “The Numbers Queen” and we first met, when I attended her Brisbane based numerology workshop in her home. I really loved this workshop, and since then, numerology has become one of the intuitive tools, I use in my life and in my work to help myself, my loved ones and my clients.

It was so much fun to chat with Sarah about my life path number 26/8.

You’ll find out about the 2 pivotal life changing moments for me, which I experienced at 8 years young and 26 years young.

I also share how I come across number patterns regularly in my life & even saw 777 & 333 on my way to school drop off, right before our interview was about to start, and since my chat with Sarah, the amount of number patterns, which are being presented to me, can only be described as insane. They are everywhere and continue to pop up everywhere I go.

I believe that one of the way life communicates with me, is through the number patterns I come across, and this is now a beautiful part of my every day life, as it is for many women I know. The most common number pattern I hear women talk about is, that they see recurring 1’s a LOT, whether it be 11.11am on a clock, or 111 on a number plate, this is becoming more common amongst my Soul Sister Circle.

So what does this mean?

This means, that more of us are awakening to the power of our intuition, and to our connection to this life force, that is infinite in nature.

In fact, the numbered located of our family flooring business office S2S FLOORS is 1/11 – Very cool right?

Sarah let me know too, in our chat, that interestingly enough, my life path number 26/8 is called “BOSS”….I wonder if my hubby has worked this out yet?

Since discovering numerology, I’ve used it to gain a deeper of understanding of  myself, and my life’s purpose. It has also helped me to guide my parenting approach, giving me a wonderful understanding of my children and in my marriage with my hubby.

You see, numbers hold a particular vibration, just like, everything in life, and understanding the meaning of numbers, has become and continues to be such an empowering element in my life, and my numerology loving family and friends.

To be able to use it in my work too, helps my clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves & to be more accepting of themselves.

For example, in my own personal life, I always listen to  my intuition, first and foremost, ALWAYS! When my hubby and I were searching for a commercial premise a couple of years ago now, for our flooring business to operate from, I knew as soon as I walked into this premise, that it was the one for us. I had been consciously manifesting this space in my heart for a while, visualising what it would look like, how I wanted the vibe of this space to feel like and how I wanted us to be able to use this space.

The icing on the cake?

When I noticed the numbers on the outside of the building were “1/11” – I was pleasantly surprised & because this particular recurring number pattern, has always been linked to positive experiences for me, I knew, that it was the right choice to begin a new chapter of our business life here. I still smile from ear to ear, every time I slide our office door open, when I see these numbers on the front of our building, every week.

Grab a cuppa and get ready to enjoy our chat, right here!

Now, if our chat has peaks your interest about numerology, click below, to view her feature with me, on her website, and you will find so much information there, it will get you excited about numberology.

Sarah has recently created a Patreon membership for numerology lovers, and if you’d like to learn more about her membership, and learn more about numerology, you can click on the links below, to have your mind blown.

Website –

Instagram- @sarahyip1111

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