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Do I teach my children to manifest?

You bet I do!

Do they use it in their lives?

You bet they do!

Sometimes, when they’re mindset is off kilter, I remind them, to manifest, but they’ve learnt from immersion.

They watch their mama manifest, and I share with them my experiences too. They get it.

But it’s not enough, that I teach my own children, I’m on a mission to teach as many children as I can. It is the way of our future, and when we teach them to manifest consciously, we empower them for life.

If you are a POSITIVE VIBE TRIBE FACEBOOK MEMBER, you will have watched my recent FREE Masterclasses on empowering children, where I give you many amazing practical tips on how to encourage your child to manifest for themselves.

Give your child, the “thumbs up” to dream big and they’ll jump on the manifesting train.

From my personal experience, most young people I have worked with, get really excited, when I integrate manifesting lessons into our sessions together – They get it, because they are already doing it for themselves, and when we, as parents recognise this, and support this, it encourages them to continue doing this in their lives!

When we are young, it is our natural state to dream – This is what manifesting is!

Use whatever word you want to slot in here, Manifest, Dream, Imagine, Visualise, Wish.
They all lead to the same outcome – Manifesting.

So if you’re ready to empower your children in this way, hold on to your hats, because your children will be manifesting some amazing experiences for themselves, before you know it.

You can even explore manifesting as a family - So much FUN!

Remember, life doesn't have to be so serious all the time.

Have FUN learning to manifest together, and get creative with it.

Keep track of all your manifesting dreams, and watch this list grow and grow and grow.

Are you ready, to start empowering your child now?

You can do this, right now, by working through my online “MANIFESTING MOJO” workshop – In a little over an hour, you are going to have lots of simple practical ways to start manifesting as a family.

Once you know how to consciously manifest, you feel empowered and take hold of the reigns in your life.

I am also currently working with young people “in person” here on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia and via zoom, where we connect “face to face” through a video conference call.

Both are equally effective and I’ve been working this way with young people around Australia, over the last five years.

In the meantime, start manifesting these dreams into your life by …..

+ Talking about your dreams and their dreams

+ Talking about how you can start taking action steps to do this in your life

+ Make time to dream and/or visualise

+ Create a vision board

+ Create affirmations about your dreams

Connect with your child in this way, listen to them, acknowledge that their dreams matter and this will deepen your parent-child bond in the most incredible way.

Now, manifesting requires us get our mindset state in the right mode, in fact, this is what life is ALL about.

When our mindset is set, life flows, because we are taking action and making decisions from a place of confidence.

When we are off kilter, all this can fall apart, or we become very good at teetering on the edge, playing the game, so to speak and convincing everyone around us, that we've got it all together.

The thing is, we can't fake energy, and our energy needs to align with our actions.

It's all about energy beautiful, get your energy right, and your mindset will automatically be switched into the right mode, when you start your day.

If you have difficulty doing this, please reach out, there is no need for you to struggle, when this is my JAM and I'm damn good at helping women & children get into the flow and back into life, in a way that's EMPOWERING!

The universe is encouraging us to really “pay close attention” to how our children are processing life right now, and as their parents, we need to be transparent around how WE are showing up, helping them to feel supported and safe.

Your child can learn to turn to empower themselves, through the power of manifesting.

Kaye's 1:1 Manifesting Mojo Mentoring Sessions & Energy Healings are available world wide – Kaye is based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia and also offers "in person" mentoring to Sunshine Coast based clients and "Distance Healings" are available via zoom/phone.

You can reach out to Kaye at to schedule your 1:1 Energy Healing with her today and via Instagram and Facebook @kayevlachos-soul2soulwellness

Get your "Manifesting Mojo" on right now, and download my new online workshop here and start manifesting the life you want NOW.

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