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Today’s blog is a very exciting one for me.

I am inviting you into my new healing space here on the Sunshine Coast.

For many years, I have studied energy healing certifying myself, understanding, exploring and nurturing my own intuitive abilities, to add more meaning to my own life.

Well, sometimes, life has bigger plans for us, and we don’t always know what those plans are, but, if we just follow our curiosity, we can be led into the most amazing life experiences.

Energy healings for me, fall under this heading.

The timing of opening up my healing space, couldn’t be more timely, and I look forward to working with the most beautiful souls here.

So, how do you find a trusted reputable healer, because let’s be honest, this work is super personal.

For myself, I prefer to rely on referrals as well as listening to my intuition.

Even if I receive a referral, if my intuition, is telling me not to go to this healer, I listen to her always.

Filtering everything through my intuition, is necessary, as I know my intuition is here to protect and guide me, always.

This is no different, with finding a trusted reputable healer.

Listen to your gut & ask yourself what you would like a healing for?

Would you like assistance with stress, anxiety or managing overwhelm?

Would you like assistance with releasing energy blocks and raising your energy levels?

Would you like assistance with parenting consciously or making big decisions in your life?

Energy healing can help with all of this and MORE.

Did you also know, that energy healers can work with you from anywhere in the world – Distance is not a concern with energy healing, you can receive a healing, this is a powerful way of transforming your life for the better.

 I personally schedule in my energy healings, regularly, throughout my year. My intuition lets me know, when it’s time to go and visit my healer, and I listen. I don’t wait until my energy tanks are depleted, I receive healings as an energy top up, alignment and to affirm that I am on track in my life, and I love, love, love everything about receiving a healing.

I loved it so much, I gifted my husband a healing for his birthday a couple of years ago, and my daughters visit my healer a couple of times a year too, when they feel like it.

Who are energy healings for?

It’s quite simple – The answer is EVERYONE!

Men, women, children, animals, plants, EVERYONE!

I love working with gorgeous souls, who are open to energy healings, are curious about their own intuitive abilities, and want to live a super meaningful life. If you are this kind of person, then receiving an energy healing from me, will be such a transformational life experience for you.

I can work with you, from anywhere in the world, via zoom and, if you are located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland you can receive an energy healing in person, in my new healing space. I generally work with women, and then, they often refer their children and partners to me as  result, this is a privilege, I don’t take for granted, to be able to work with families in this way – IT’S SUPER SPECIAL.

So, if you are looking to add another wellness tool, to your toolkit, to up level  your life in the most amazing way, perhaps experiencing an energy healing, may be the next step for you – Remember, filter all this through your intuition, she will guide you in the right direction. You don’t have to work with me, there are many many wonderful healers in the world, just ask around, you will be led to the right healer for you.

If you feel, that I may be the right healer for you, I am most honoured that your intuition is guiding you to me. Please reach out via email at, and we can set up a mutual date/time for you to schedule your energy healing with me.

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