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The last few weeks I’ve been intently focusing on aligning my energy before I sit down to work, so that I’m feeling great and you know what happens? 

I end up being super productive and getting so much done, because, I’ve taken the time to get my creative energy flowing through consciously.

Did you know that this is even a thing?

That you can intentionally raise your energy levels, so that you feel better and have more energy to get through your day.

You see, we are not meant to walk around all day, feeling flat, lethargic or stressed out.

We are meant to be walking through our lives, feeling energised, and from this place, we can create a life, fully lived with an open and loving heart space.

I really believe, that so many of us are walking through life asleep, not even aware, that we are even disconnected from our heart space. A lot of us are just surviving, instead of thriving, because, we are not listening to our heart’s whispers.

How do you even know that you are thriving in life?

You wake up excited about the day ahead, not dreading the day ahead.

You pour love into each interaction you have, into your job & into your home life.

You appreciate the miracles of life, and you are grateful for all that you have.

You fill your calendar with activities, that you love to do, and leave you feeling excited about your life.

You have attracted loving and supportive people into your life, who you can lean on for support, and who will have your back no matter what. You feel loved by them.

You have a bucket list, that you are ticking off one at a time, making sure you are living the life, that your heart desires, not one, that others think you should be living.

You make sure that you do the things in life, which energise you, not drain you.

Others are attracted to your vibe, because your light shines bright. This cannot be faked.

You don’t spend time comparing yourself to others, because, you are content within yourself.

You want the best for your loved ones too, because, you want them to thrive too.

Have a think about the people in your life, who you believe are thriving in their lives.

Who are those people in your life?
How do you know they love their life?
What are the things that they focus on in life?

What I know for sure, is that life, is not about the things, that society projects onto us.

Thriving begins within, in the depths of our soul.

When we look within, to acknowledge, the dreams and desires that are protected within our hearts, and we give them permission to be birthed into the world, this is when we begin, to give ourselves permission to thrive.

Birthing your heart’s desires, can be exciting, scary and heart opening all at the same time.

Your life, is your life to be lived, for yourself.

Own this.

You are unique, and you deserve to live a life filled with meaning.

If the life you dream for yourself, involves travel, then choose your next adventure and start saving your pennies.

If the life you dream for yourself, means becoming a soul mama, know that this is your life’s journey, and embrace it fully.

If the life you dream for yourself, means being a career woman, choose a career you are passionate about, and live your life on purpose and with passion.

If the life you dream for yourself, means being a creative person, allow yourself time each day to create, whether it be writing, drawing, singing, writing poetry, woodwork or creating music, make sure you are creating on a regular basis. 

I’m not glossing over the fact, that life is going to be challenging at times, and yes, you will feel fear, especially when life calls you to stretch beyond, what you think you are capable of.

Would you rather, back down from a challenge, and live a life that is not fulfilling, or would you like to look back on your life, in many years to come, and feel so proud of yourself for not letting your fears, stop you, from doing what you loved in life?

It is not about the outcome, but rather, it is about giving yourself permission to thrive, to have a go, to get back up when you’re knocked down, to back yourself when others don’t, to trust completely in your heart’s guidance…..this is LIVING!

You can do this on your own, or if you find people in your life, who share the same passions as you, it’s even better to share these experiences and create these magical memories together – Whatever feels right for you – Just do it!

You deserve to THRIVE!

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