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Many of us, feel super frustrated for the circumstances we’re currently in, especially, when we feel like we don’t have control in our life.

Why do we feel like this?

Because, I feel, a big part of this turmoil we feel, is that, we have been brought up to put others before ourselves. To put others needs before our own needs, to support others in making their dreams come true, without consideration for our own dreams.

To look after everybody else, and then if you have some time, factor yourself in, but, not the other way around.

If you’re still reading this post, there’s a fair chance, I may have struck a chord with you, that you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about…….and may I hazard a guess, that you are the beautiful soul, that is feeling frustrated right now in your life.

Whether it be, because…..

  • Your schedule is filled to the brim, with activities, and there is NO downtime factored in at all for you, and 5hrs sleep, is a luxury, let alone, the recommended 8hrs uninterrupted sleep everybody keeps banging on about.

  • You are bending over backwards, to make sure your kids and your husband are well taken care of, however, you’re running on empty, and no one is even thinking of checking in on you, to see how you’re doing.

  • You dream of a life, where you too, are supported, the way you support your family & friends, yet, this doesn’t appear forthcoming in anyway.

Now, I want to let you in on a little secret, that person, that I am referring to above, is actually a real person. That person, is drum roll please……..ME! Yes, a few years ago, I was this person, except for the sleep part, I love my sleep, and everyone in my home, knows that if mama doesn’t sleep well, she’s not a happy camper, and it’s best to stay out of her way.

In fact, at the time of writing this blog, my husband, who I’ve delegated, the “middle of the night” duty manager, to attend to our dogs, when they want to be let outside, got up twice last night, to attend to our pooch Benji, because he was thirsty, and let’s just say, Charles was not functioning too well, when he left for work this morning. I figure, I did the hard yards, when my girls were babies, with the multiple night feeds, Dad, can enjoy having a turn now. And the fact that, if the dogs are barking for any other reason, Charles will handle himself much better than me.

You see, I’m a massive day dreamer, and I love to share my dreams with everyone, including Charles. One day, after sharing one of my crazy ideas with my husband, he turned around and said to me, “You have all these great ideas babe, but you never see them through.” I didn’t even realise this at the time, and I may not have received his words with grace at the time either, but his words stayed with me. They stayed with me, until, I finally decided to take action.

Taking action, is all I needed to start doing. It wasn’t even about the “END GOAL” for me. It was just about showing every day, doing what I love to do. I too, had to accept the fact, that it was always MY choice to keep busy with activities scheduled into our precious Kikki K Family Calendar, it was MY choice to bend over backwards, for everyone in my life, without checking in on how I was feeling. I wasn’t even checking on my own well-being, and I wanted others, to do it for me?

What I started to learn, giving myself permission to act on my heart’s desires, taking little baby steps forward in my own life, was that, when you start to support yourself, life also helps you out. Life brings you new opportunities, life brings you what you need to keep moving forward, you just need to ask life to help you out with these things.

This is definitely the so called ‘woo woo” part of my blog, and I am writing about this, because it works. It’s worked for me, and it works for many women, who I have taught these very tips and tricks.

Taking action may look different to different women.

For me, taking action meant, choosing easy practical ways of bringing into my life, more things that bring me joy.

For those of you, who are feeling very overwhelmed at the thought of even, taking charge in your own life, it may look something like this.



Set an intention for yourself around how you’d like your life to look and feel like

Write it down in your journal…..”visioning” is a wonderful way to do this.

Ask yourself the Question…….What would my life be like, if this actually came true.


For those of you, who are action takers, I don’t even need to help you with this, I know you’re way ahead of me. However, for those of you who enjoy procrastinating, I’m going to give you a gentle nudge forward.

What is the first easy actionable step, you’d like to take, to get the ball rolling, to start creating the life, that you envisioned for yourself?

Our thoughts, create our life……Our dreams, are an extension of our thoughts and our action steps are a further extension of our thoughts.

Think of our thoughts, dreams and action steps, as stepping stones, towards creating the life you imagine for yourself. Because life mirrors to us, what we believe we can create, and is a reflection of our mind state and our emotional well-being.

So why not, create a life, which is filled with love, laughter, lots of adventures and abundance.

What if you could have it all?

What would this look like for you?

Give these 2 steps a go, for yourself, in your life, and let me know what changes for you beautiful… all starts with giving yourself permission to DREAM!

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