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hey zen mama......

Hey Gorgeous,

This Zen Mumma has been on a flourishing soul journey over the last few years culminating in the most amazing personal growth & today I want to give you the opportunity to do the same. My blogs are a sacred space where I can share with you everything which enhances my life, so Zen Mumma’s like yourself can embrace these beautiful opportunities to flourish in your own life.

In 2013 I discovered Belinda Davidson & her School of the Modern Mystic (SOMM), promising to “change my energy & change my life”. Now, this was a huge call for Belinda to make, yet I felt drawn to her words & her no BS approach, so I spent the next 12mths watching all the online interviews with Belinda that I could find, to make sure this course was the right fit for me & in 2014 when her doors opened for registration I knew in my heart I had found the right spiritual mentor to guide me on the next part of my soul journey.

Belinda Davidson's Level 1 School of the Modern Mystics online program has helped me to strengthen my intuitive abilities & take my meditation practice to the next level through regularly practicing her Chakra Cleanse Meditation & embracing mindfulness in my day to day life.

Belinda’s upcoming Level 1 SOMM course begins in September 2015 & she is inviting intuitive soul sisters like yourself, to register your interest now, so you can be kept in the loop for when registration opens up.

When you sign up with SOMM, you will learn how to.....

+ Meditate joyfully & peacefully (yes, yes, yes)

+ Stop struggling with life & embrace the gifts life brings your way

+ Open up and experience your own beautiful energy and aura

+ Harness your own personal power, instead of being a slave to others

+ Focus and concentrate instead of having scattered energy and chaos

Don’t just believe me, gift yourself this amazing online program & experience this yourself.

I highly recommend listening to her 2 part free audio masterclass first, to cement your desire to be a part of this 6mth online program & valued member of this vibrant SOMM community!

Allow your heart to guide you on this beautiful soul journey gorgeous!

My SUPER effective AND easy wellness tip for you.....

Check in with your breath when you are feeling overwhelmed. When you tune into your breath you will instantly create calm within & slow down the overwhelm rising from within. If you missed my just breathe blog where I teach you my super effective AND easy method to connect with your breath, click here to check it out.

Have a beautiful day! Love K xxxxx


If YOU are struggling day to day and are looking for inspiration, motivation & gentle encouragement, I hope through my blog posts to show you WHY you absolutely DESERVE to create an AMAZING life for yourself & HOW to do it! So thank you in ADVANCE for making this BEAUTIFUL commitment to yourself and to your life – Making the decision to start your own wellness revolution in your heart is where it all begins! This journey is to be enjoyed - It takes courage to instigate change & I applaud you for having the courage to know that your time is NOW – It is NOW time for you to put yourself FIRST in your life & live the life you always dreamed for yourself.

If you feel this blog post will add value to a loved ones life, please share the love & forward this your loved one & your friends with my blessing.

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