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3 ways to embrace intuitive living.....

Hey Gorgeous, A few years ago the rush, rush, rush of my day to day was stretching me to my limits & I needed to release the tension slowly & ease myself into a more relaxed lifestyle or I was going to burn out at the ripe old age of 35yrs old. I’ve always felt the pressure to look a certain way, behave a certain way & eat a certain way & my body was finally rebelling to all this external pressure.

It was time to “find my way” to live my life & learn to be comfortable in my own skin. For the first time in my life, I looked within & I noticed there was a lot of work for me to do & if you know me well, you'll know I'm always up for a challenge. I knew with patience & commitment I could turn my life around. I showed up each day with loving intention & slowly embraced intuitive living. Now, my wellness journey is ongoing & will be for the rest of my life & with my hand on my heart I can tell you it has been worth ALL the effort – I’m so proud of the person I’ve become & I’m so proud that I dug deep, believed in myself & that I keep showing up each day consciously & compassionately in my own life. As always, I absolutely love share with you what has worked for me & I know you can easily implement these 3 simple tools into your own life.


  • Breathe in & out slowly & deeply throughout your day. When you connect with your breath you connect with your spirit & tune into your body's needs.

  • When you are feeling stressed, take 5-10 deep slow breathes in & out feeling the air fill up your lungs & relax your shoulders. As you continue breathe in & out bring your focus to your heart.

  • Create time to sit still each day & reflect on your day.


  • Ask yourself each morning before you roll out of bed “How can I nourish myself today?”

  • Place yourself at the top of your to-do list each & every day, ensuring you carve out time to do what ever fills your heart with joy.

  • Fuel yourself each day with foods that taste yummy, nourish & energise you.

  • Hang out with your loved ones as much as you can.

  • Laugh, laugh, laugh! Laughter has healing super powers.


  • Know that what you do in the world each day brings infinite love & gratitude to other people’s lives aswell as your own.

  • Bring your awareness to the amazing qualities which lie within you- type this list into your phone & look at it regularly as a reminder for yourself of how awesome you really are.

  • Keep your dreams & aspirations at the forefront of your mind each day.

If you are considering embracing an intuitive lifestyle, choose one aspect above to focus on each day, with time this will become an established habit in your day to day life, then you can choose a second aspect to focus on, practice this daily & this too will become an established habit. Take your time, use only what feels right for you, own it & let the rest go for now. I love hearing from you, so if you are already embracing an intuitive lifestyle, please leave a comment below & let me know your favourite ways to do this. Have a beautiful day!

Love K xxxxx

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