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Natural Skincare with Lauren Dawson.....

Hey Gorgeous,

I'm so excited to begin sharing with you my inspirational video series with women who inspire ME.

My hope with these interviews is to empower you in your life by bringing these fabulous women to you via our online world.

So here goes.....

I have been exploring using natural skincare options in my own life & let's face it, there are so many options out there. So I decided to speak with the most gorgeous skincare expert & boy was I impressed to discover you don't have to do too much to take great care of your skin, which is your body's largest organ. I love simple practical tips which I can use easily in my life & I've found some you can use too.

I'd love you to meet the gorgeous Lauren Dawson.

Lauren runs her heart-centred biz "Raw Beauty Studio" in Tweed Heads on the Northern NSW Coast & she has kindly taken the time to share with us her simple natural skincare tips you can get straight out of your kitchen pantry.

Click on the video above & enjoy listening to this passionate & eloquent young woman in our chat together.

If you'd like to keep in touch with Lauren & check out the Erica Brooke products she speaks about in this video, you can visit her website, facebook & instagram pages below.

Instagram - rawbeautystudio


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