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Gut Enriching Foods with Cultured Baby

“Gut health” is a topic I’ve known about for a while now but I've not really done much about until more recently when I’ve felt the pull to learn how to bring more gut enriching foods into our family home for all of us to enjoy.

So of course I got in touch with my beautiful friend & fellow health coach, today’s inspirational guest Scarlett Willson from the popular Sunshine Coast based biz Cultured Baby to learn more about introducing gut enriching foods into my home.

Scarlett runs “Introduction to Fermentation” Workshops designed for those who

+ Are super keen to learn some simple fermentation techniques

+ Know nothing about fermentation & would love to learn how

+ Have tried fermentation before unsuccessfully & would like to try it again

Through her workshops (scroll down to pick up your tickets for her latest workshop) you will learn more about gut health & the benefits of including these fermented goodies into your daily meals.

In today's chat we are going to de-bunk fancy words like “Kombucha” & “Kefir” & I'll be putting my own gut health practices under the spotlight by sharing with you the fermented foods we are currently exploring in our home.

Scarlett firmly believes the key to fermentation is confidence & once you develop the skills you will be able to feed your family delicious, wildly fermented probiotic foods.

You are going to gleam so much gorgeous goodness from our chat & learn awesome stuff like -

+ Why gut health is central to your overall health

+ The fermented foods you are probably already eating right now & didn’t know it

+ How you can start your journey with the utensils you already have in your home

+ How a magical trip to India propelled her into the world of fermentation

+ Why Scarlett’s journey has been inspired by her daughter Anjali

+ The direct link between intuition & fermentation

+ How you can sign up for Cultured Baby’s latest workshop today

If you are a foodie like myself you are going to love this inspirational chat, so click on the video link below, sit back, relax & enjoy my chat with Scarlett & then scroll down to find out how you can buy your tickets to this weekend's "Introduction to Fermentation" Workshop.

Are you super keen to pick up tickets to Cultured Baby’s next "Introduction to Fermentation" Workshop this Saturday, 23rd April?

Pick up your tickets for her popular workshop here

Check out Scarlett's amazing recipes including her "Cultured Blueberry Chia Jam", "Spelt Sourdough Hot Cross Buns" & her "Jamu Inspired Kefir Jellies" & keep in the know about Cultured Baby’s upcoming events below –

If you are based on the Sunshine Coast there are heaps of awesome places you can drop into to try or even pick up some fermented goodies to take home with you.

+ Nourishing Wholefoods, Kawana & Noosa Weekend Farmers Market – They make their own fermented goodies including their own naturally sparkling fermented brew Kombucha & sauerkraut

+ The Greenhouse Organic Café, Caloundra

+ The Velo Project, Mooloolaba

+ Scrub Turkey Organics, Warana

+ CK Coffee Bar & Wholefoods, Mooloolaba

+ Kunara Organic Market Place, Forestglen

+ Natures Food Market, Currumundi

+ Grub Organics, Pacific Paradise

+ Organika Noosa

+ Belmondos Organic Market Noosa

+ Renae’s Pantry Palmwoods

+ Buchi Kombucha Kawana Farmers Market

+ Freshbox (online health food store)

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