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For years I have been completely fascinated by the super successful athletes, always wondering what made them different from the rest of us, why were they able to achieve success, when many of us missed the mark, and I include myself in this because I was an elite athlete.

I spent 15 years playing soccer at the highest level here in Australia, representing NSW/Australia through the junior, youth & senior ranks. I loved my time as an athlete, made some amazing friendships and had the wonderful opportunity to travel, however I do have some regrets around my footballing career.

I didn't BELIEVE I was good enough and so even though I didn't reach my personal goal of playing in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games I really made it difficult for myself and handicapped myself at times because I didn't believe I deserved this level of success. I had low self esteem and it took many years to make peace with the fact that I let this opportunity slip through my fingers, when I got so so close to making my dreams come true. A lot of my healing since then has come through helping our current crop of elite athletes work towards achieving their dreams.

I now know through my time working with athletes, the need to master your mindset is stronger than ever, to increase your chances of achieving in the sporting arena. This was the missing link for me and this is still the missing vital ingredient for many athletes today.

When I was younger, I found it much easier to blame all the people around me for not fulfilling my potential including my State/National Coaches and even my teammates who I competed against for the precious spots in State/National teams, but blaming others doesn't help you get anywhere and leaves you feeling spiteful and I this is not how I roll today. I needed to control what I could control, which were my thoughts, attitude and physical effort and not waste my time, draining my energy levels by worrying about what I had no control over.

Sport can powerfully transform your life in such a positive way, and as an "Athlete Empowerment Coach", it means so much more to me to help you learn to love your mind, body & soul because when you can embrace this on a day to day basis, you then begin to build a solid foundation for your sporting dreams to come true. Opportunities will start to present themselves, you will feel blessed and so positive about what lays ahead, and this is what you deserve, because when you take care of yourself, life takes care of you.

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