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Hey Beautiful,

I've 3 Q's for you!

+ In which areas of your life do you feel most confident?

+ What makes you so successful in this area of your life?

+ Or do you feel like you barely make it through each day?

It's so important to find ways to bring joy into your world on a daily basis. Start with the little things, a cup of tea, playing with your children or listening to your favourite tunes.

Make a list of the things you love to do and see how many you can fit into your day, and most importantly tune into how you feel once you take the time to do these activities.

Do these things elevate your mood, increase your happiness and make you feel great?

There are so many ways to bring joy into your world, even if you are a super busy mama like I am. I refuse to let business stop me from living a full life - With running 2 businesses (my hubby's and my own) from home, two super active daughters who love their sports and catching up with their friends, trying to ensure my family eats well each day and then making time to connect with each other, at the forefront of my mind is my own well-being.

It's a non-negotiable for me now and my family know's that Mum meditates, mum likes to take walks, mum loves getting outside in the fresh air and sit in the sun each day, mum plays with angel cards and loves intuitive journalling, mum loves spending time at the beach, mum loves RNB, mum loves to sing in the car (to my daughter's horror), mum loves natural skincare, mum loves chatting with her friends and mum loves hanging at healthy cafes.

Putting my own well-being first does not come naturally to me, but it feels SO right!

It has taken me years to realise that for my family to thrive, mama needs to thrive first and foremost. That it's OK to ask for help in order to do the things I love. It's OK to ask someone to look after my kids so I can go for a walk, it's OK to say NO to going out with friends in order to spend some quiet time at home, it's OK to listen to your heart!

When I look after my own happiness, everything around me seems so much easier, when I don't, the wheels seem to fall off quite quickly & I feel overwhelmed and anxious. When I'm taking care of me, I'm at my happiest, I'm less moody, I can handle the curve balls life throws at me and I appreciate life a whole lot more.

For my family to live their best lives, mama must live her best life, otherwise how will they learn that their well-being must come first too.

This is not about perfection, this is about taking responsibility for the life you want to live, accepting that you deserve to live an amazing life, and that you have to be the one to give yourself permission! Your happiness is your responsiblity!

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