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So many of us push through each day, not even realising how much this impacts our happiness levels. This then ripples out to our family and friends, who then absorb our energy – Not cool right?

For example, we may lose our temper with our daughter, who then goes on to pick a fight 5 minutes later with her sister or we may not make the effort to give our friend our full attention when we catch up with her, and she leaves feeling like she’s done something wrong or we decide on picking up take away for dinner 3 nights in a row because we’re understandably too tired to cook dinner after ferrying everyone around to their extra curricular activities, and wonder why we feel heavy and bloated when we wake up, perpetuating the cycle of fatigue.

I can tell you I’m totally guilty of this happening, although these days I’m getting much better at referring to my “Quick Pick Me Up’s” which I know instantly re-vitalize my energy levels and I'm hoping might be helpful for you too, if you're feeling tired right now.

"When I use my "Quick Pick Me Ups" together,

because let's face it, sometimes

we need a super boost,

I feel so much better."

I have the ability to keep going and going and sometimes it’s not until I actually get sick that I even take the time to reflect back on how I got to be sick in the first place. Once I decided to commit to living a more conscious life, it required me to bring a lot more awareness to how I was feeling from moment to moment.

How I am feeling on a day to day basis, reflects 100% in the quality of my interactions with family and friends. When I feel amazing, I connect easily with others and we all walk away feeling inspired, because I choose to bring positive energy to our conversations. In reverse, if I am feeling deflated and fatigued, this is the kind of energy I contribute to my interactions with others – No wonder our interactions turn out to be dull and inauthentic.

"Nobody benefits from these kind of interactions."

Self awareness for me has been the key, looking inward and taking responsibility for my own energy levels. Our energy is super precious, and when we prioritize our energy levels, our life reflects this back to us through inspired connection with others.

"Good thoughts boost my energy levels instantly

and negative thoughts drain my energy levels."


1. Drink more water

2. Get out into the sunlight for 10 minutes

3. Connect with my inspirational Soul Sisters (Click here to connect with me)

4. Take things OFF my to do list and stop trying to be wonder woman

5. Eat a good meal to re-vitalize my energy levels

6. Make sure I’m thinking positive thoughts

7. Go for a walk outside

8. Sit down with a cuppa for 10 minutes

10. Get outside and exercise

11. Walk barefoot on the grass or the sand at the beach

12. Sleep

13. Play board games with my family

14. Watch a funny movie

15. Listen to my favourite podcast (click here to find out my faves)

16. Take a relaxing bath

17. Diffuse my favourite essential oils blend

18. Swim in the ocean

19. Play with my angel cards

20. Sing along to my favourite RNB songs

21. Give someone my smile

22. Sincerely compliment someone

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