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I aim to improve my emotional well-being on a daily basis and observing my energy levels helps me monitor my happiness and contentment in life.

"Just because you have a long list of things to do, doesn’t mean

you always have enough energy to do all those things. "

This is something I I have to admit I’ve learnt the hard way. I’ve always been a go, go, go kind of person, able to get a lot of stuff done and super proud when I can tick off every thing on my “to do” list.

But here’s the thing - Just because I know how to get a whole lot of stuff done, doesn’t always mean I have the energy to do all these things, and more often than not, when I put a lot on my plate i.e. running both our family businesses, being the CEO of our household, prioritizing my own wellness, connecting with family & friends, cooking dinner every night, driving my girls to their training and sports competitions, walking our dogs, attending all our school events, it’s no wonder I end up in mental overwhelm.

"I'm trying to be SUPER WOMAN and I inevitably

end up running myself into the ground."

What I’ve realized is that when life starts to get busy, that if I can drop a few things off my list, my mental overwhelm decreases and my energy levels don't take the nose dive they used to. I’m the only the one that knows what’s on my list in the first place and when I can prioritize my happiness and well-being by simply dropping a few things off my list, EVERYONE else in my life benefits too right?

So if you too pride yourself on getting ALL the things ticked off on your “to do” list everyday but you’re finding it’s depleting your energy levels, I’ve got a couple of tips for you which I hope you may find helpful to help not only boost your energy levels, to improve your emotional well-being as-well.

  1. Identify the things you do daily which boost your energy levels

  2. Add the things which boost your energy levels to the top of your list

  3. Identify the things deplete your energy levels.

  4. Take a few things off your to do list today and lighten your load

Now, we want to find a way to get the things that deplete your energy levels off your “to do” list. Is there a possibility that you can outsource or delegate this to someone who loves to do this? We don’t want to deplete someone else’s energy levels either, so delegating to someone who loves to do this will help to improve their emotional well-being too.

In our home I noticed that I feel a huge responsibility to have to cook every night for dinner. So I decided to commit to the week day meals and delegate the weekend cooking to my family – My daughters now take responsibility on Saturday nights for creating dinner together (teamwork, teamwork, teamwork) and this is a life skill which is helping to improve their confidence in the kitchen at the same time as giving me a break – My husband is responsible for cooking on Sundays and this has lightened my load considerably and allows me to have a break from kitchen duties which I love.

My eldest daughter loves to organize and co-ordinate her wardrobe and even re-organizing our kitchen pantry, so when this needs doing, I know she's going to enjoy this and will often ask her to help us out when we need her exceptional organizing ability in our home, because she does it with joy and feels so proud at the end.

My youngest daughter loves to build things, and so whenever we need to build furniture, she is our go to girl to do this for us. She too feels super proud when she can use her strengths to add value to all our lives.

Now if you're needing some of my energy hacks to help you boost your energy levels right now, check out my My Quick Pick Me ups When I’m Tired blog here.

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