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When life delivers us challenging situations like the diagnosis of a chronic illness, the sudden death of a loved one, being terminated from your place of employment or even a marriage breakdown, we need time to process what this fully means to us.

It’s also vitally important to let yourself fully process your feelings, because these situations can trigger all sorts of emotions including shock, sadness, anger, denial, relief and shame.

I’ve seen many of my clients use these rock bottom moments, to spring forward in their own lives, after coming to terms with their situation, deciding to fully embrace what life has thrown at them, once they realize that this "struggle" is also an opportunity for personal growth.

Some of my clients are able to draw from the inner strength reservoir, which resides inside all of us and make a conscious choice to not let their situation define them, instead, they commit to rising up through the struggle, to move forward looking for the meaning in their current situation.

The answers often reveal themselves to us,

when we look deep inside our own hearts.

It is in reflection that we can find meaning.

I know personally when I’m struggling l tend to lean on the shoulders of my family and close friends, because they always have amazing advice for me. I don’t have clarity when I’m struggling and I’m blessed to have an amazing support network that I trust enough to open my heart to and whom I know hold my heart precious in their own hands, when I'm feeling quite vulnerable.

Spending time outside meditating in nature, is a wonderful way for me to gain clarity when I’m struggling. The beach, ocean, trees, moon, sun, butterflies and chirping birds are a great source of comfort to me. Their energetic vibration always leaves me feeling better for being in their presence.

When my husband was terminated from his employment 4yrs ago, as deeply heartbreaking this situation was, I decided that I was going to use this moment for our higher good. I wanted our family to bond closer together and chose to see the positive, in what could have been quite a traumatic time for us - All of a sudden my husband had a lot of time on his hands and we decided to make this a time for us to re-connect. We walked and talked a LOT, we went jet skiing when the kids were at school (to their absolute dismay), we leaned on each other & on our close friends for support and we even meditated together from time to time.

Looking back on this situation now, these special moments stand out to me more than anything and I’m glad we chose not to let this situation define us, but rather to take the higher road and draw strength from our ability to rise up through our own personal struggle. My husband and I went on to create our own family business S2S Floors which services commercial retail customers nationally and residential homes in QLD /NSW. We realize now that my husband was always meant to run his own business and had this not happened, he wouldn’t be thriving the way he is now, living life on his terms and spending more time with us as a family, which we did not have before.

Life gives us all sorts of experiences to help us understand ourselves on a deeper level. This is available to us from moment to moment 24/7 & being present is the key. When we allow ourselves to be fully present, we are able to tap into a deeper level of awareness which is available to all of us. This is where we can find the deeper meaning in our struggles, and if we can find the deeper meaning, we are going to be OK!

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