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The one thing I can always rely on, when I’m struggling or seeking a solution to a problem, is to take myself out into nature. Whether that be going for a walk, a swim in the ocean or sitting down in a park, nature has a way of helping me find the solution to my problems. The solution to whatever I’m mulling over, inevitably, comes to me, through inspired thought, when I take the time to connect with nature. Some fresh air, listening to the birds or sitting down on the sand at the beach, always clears my mind & boosts my energy levels - Now who doesn’t need higher energy levels?

I used to always think, think, think my way through a problem, now immersing myself in nature, is my NEW way to problem solve.

If I want to go next level, I’ll combine nature with moving my body - These two together provide such a powerful healing tonic which, clears my mind, elevates my energy levels and always leaves me feeling more hopeful & optimistic about my life.

Talking is fantastic too, but I feel, turning inwards, to problem solve, gives me a sense of confidence that I can handle any curve ball life may throw my way.

I also believe that when we can trust our intuition to guide us in life, the level of trust in ourselves to lean into our faith, allows our inner guidance to show up when we need her too. This always, boosts my self confidence and deepens my relationship with myself.

My most important relationship in my life, is the one I will nurture & cultivate with myself, so I make the time to do this for myself and this has added value to every other area of my life, including my relationships with my husband, my daughters, my extended family, my friends and with my clients.

I’ve learnt through the years that taking the time to listen to my own inner guidance on a moment to moment basis each day, has helped me to have faith in her, especially during the tougher times in my life. It’s like strengthening a muscle, the more I use the muscle, the stronger she gets. The more I trust her, listen to her, the more she shows up for me and our connection becomes stronger.

When I’m in nature, my intuition speaks to me and this is why I immerse myself in nature to problem solve.

How about you?

Where do you like to go, to problem solve?

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