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The one thing as a mama, I hope my girls pick up from me, is that spending time daily, to acknowledge how we are feeling, matters!

It matters so much, that our entire well-being depends on it.

Tuning into how we feel, tuning into to what we need, tuning into to what others need from us, can only happen, when are able to tune into our own intuition.

When we can tune into our own intuition on a moment to moment basis, we become more in tune with our mind, body, soul connection. This in turn, positively impacts our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well-being.

In a world, where we are bombarded with noise, where are encouraged to believe in systems, rather, than our own intelligence systems, this message to my daughters, becomes more important than ever.

And I’m like a dog with a bone, when it comes to this topic of conversation……..Quite Literally!

I want them, to listen to their own inner guidance, over mine, over everyone around them and I tell them this.

YES, I can also stuff up from time to time, and ca

n catch myself, trying to convince them to follow my guidance – The flip side of being a mindset & emotional well-being coach right, is to know when to shut up and listen, and stop coaching.

But because, I’ve been telling them for years, to listen to their own guidance, over everything else, they will quickly, shut me down, and use words like “This feels right for me mum” – When the reflect back to me, using this type of language, it stops me in my tracks, and is my gentle reminder, to butt out of their decision making processes and to support them no matter what.

Easier said than done right? This definitely takes practice, and is worth the effort.

My daughters do get it, there are times though, when their confidence levels are low, or they feel the pull of their peers, they will happily let me know, I’m nuts. This is totally OK, I choose to remain consistent with my messaging to them, “trust what you feel over everything else!”

You see, in my life, I’ve too had many instances, when I didn’t trust my own instincts, and my life quickly unravelled into chaos. I’ve also, many instances, of where I did trust my own instincts, and everything has fallen into place easily. I look back on my life, and see the patterns, when I listen to my intuition, and follow her guidance, life is easier. When I go against her guidance, well, let’s just say, anything can go down.

Life experience is a wonderful way, for us to see, where the impact, listening to our own intuition, has had on our lives. Adversely, the impact where going against her guidance has also had on us. Each and everyone of us, will have these experiences to draw from in our lives.

I have a Q for you!

Can you remember a particular difficult time in your life?

How did you get through this difficult time?

Do you remember your intuition giving your guidance in this situation?

Did you listen to her or did you go against her guidance?

What was the impact, as a result of you following her guidance, or adversely, going against her guidance?



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