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As a woman of colour myself, I am really struggling to comprehend what is happening in our world right now!

The only way I can make any sense of this is to show you some pics of my beautiful family.

You see I’ve always lived in a world where love is love & my parents brought my brother, sister and myself up to believe we are all equal & to be proud of who we are.

I affectionately call my extended family the “united colours of Benetton”, because I believe we are a beautiful representation of different cultures originating from many different parts of the world, who are perfectly imperfect and have been united because of love. We exist in the way we are, because of the romantic partnerships that brought us all together, and as a result we have created families of our own, which have also beautifully blended together our individual cultures.

I love all my family equally, because they are beautiful souls not for any other reason.
I believe it’s time for us to do better and be better human beings, for ourselves, for our children, for each other.

You see, what is happening in the US now, in my humble opinion, is a wider representation of what is happening worldwide, on smaller and much larger scales. This is not just about the US & we really need to get honest with ourselves about all of this.

History, shows us that this is a pattern which keeps repeating itself, and as non-confrontational as I prefer to be, I believe it is time to share my point of view and it is my responsibility to facilitate the healing process.

You see, my parents have lived through this, when they grew up in Mauritius, over 50 years ago.

I am living through this now, to my utter dismay, and so are my children.

Do our children’s children need to be watching us keep repeating this unhelpful pattern?

I want much better for my daughters, their peers and the generations to come – they deserve better, and yet change begins within each of our hearts.

If this is triggering you right now, ask yourself why you believe you are being triggered!

Sit with your feelings, the emotions that bubble up & be gentle with what is revealed to you.

You see, what came up for me, is that I believe a lot of us carry some kind of prejudice in our hearts right now, for whatever reason.

I see it with my eyes! I feel it in heart! I know this to be true!

I had to get honest with myself and look into the areas, that I too, hold prejudice, because until I get honest with myself, how can I facilitate healing for others?

This is the heart space I am sitting in right now, and I can tell you, it feels really uncomfortable.

In the same token, I am willing to do the inner work, sit in my uncomfortableness to help our world, transform to one, that uses the power of love to empower, rather than the love of power to disempower.

We are all “souls” connected in the most intricate way, our energy is connected, we are not separate from each other. We feel the pain of what is happening in the US, all the way across the other side of the world, because we are energetically linked. In fact, we are feeling the collective global energy on mass, and it feels heavy in my heart.

We are connected, regardless of what our lineage is, or our social status is, or whether we are male or female. Until we can make peace with this, and understand that we are all the same spiritual beings, who just look different, because of our unique earth suits, we are dressed up in, we will not be able to move forward.

You see, it is not lost on me, that because of my parent’s choices 50 years ago, to leave their home land in the Indian Ocean, where they too lived through civil unrest in Mauritius, starting from scratch in another country, where they had heard there may be more opportunities for a better life.

They took a huge risk, leaving their families behind, working their tails off for many years, to be able to give my brother, my sister and now their grand children a great life. I am so fortunate!

I know they never could have imagined how all our lives would turn out, it has totally exceeded their hopes and dreams for all of us.

I believe, everyone has the right to live the life of their dreams, and so I am speaking up for those who can’t.

My extended family origins come from Mauritius, Phillipines, South Africa, India, Greece, Scotland, England, Egypt & Hungary. We are a fair representation of many families today, and one I’m so proud to be a part of.

My hope and dreams is for all of us to learn love each other unconditionally, for us to tap into our heart space, dissolve all the superficial mumbo jumbo that we allow ourselves to immerse in on a daily basis.

Our own personal heart healings, will inspire others to heal their hearts, and it’s imperative we start within our own homes right now, looking deeply within our own hearts.

So tell me!

Are you in this with me?

Do you feel the pull, to get real about your life, and heal your heart?

I’d love to heart your thoughts on this and support you through this, if you feel the pull, to connect with me either in my FREE POSITIVE VIBE TRIBE FACEBOOK GROUP or if you are ready to take consistent inspired action with the support of the most amazing soul sisters, my monthly SOUL SISTER CIRCLE may be calling you too!

It’s time for us to call in the change, we know is imminent, and sometimes, it feels easier to do this with like-hearted peeps around you. I certainly know that I feel better and more courageous, with the support of my soul sisters around me, and I want this for you too.

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