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For many of us , spending a lot more time at home right now, is giving us the opportunity, to slow down, relax and reflect.

For some of us, our schedules have completely slowed down, creating a wide open space for us to really tune into our feelings, allowing them to bubble up to the surface, to be seen, to be validated and to be heard.

For the rest of us, our regular schedules have been flipped, with us, learning to work from home, with our children at home with us 24/7 until when, we really don’t know yet. This I know, will be bringing up feelings, as well, these feelings too, want to be seen, validated and heard.

This previous statement, holds a huge truth bomb for me, because, this is exactly what is happening for me right now, and I am embracing this with open arms. I know, that during this time, I have the opportunity, to learn how to become more resilient and I am being given more time with my loved ones, in a way that is unprecedented.

Being the highly sensitive empath, that I am, I take on a lot of other peoples energies quite easily, and with everyone at home right now, this has actually brought more calm to my own emotional state and a sense of deep peace.

You would think, that being with my family, stuck at home, may bring up emotional triggers, and it does, there is no doubt about this, but, this is also providing me with more time to invest in myself. I can meditate more, I can exercise more, I bask in nature more, if I choose to, and I am choosing to, and this is why I feel peaceful and more calm.

I know what this highly sensitive empath, needs, to navigate through right now and I’m unapologetically, doing exactly what I need.

With more time to just be, I am also paying closer attention, to my emotional triggers, sitting with my feelings, noticing where my intuition, is calling me in each moment. 

When I feel the need to control a situation, or get frustrated because I am not able to have the house to myself anymore, I do the following…..

I watch my feelings come up, I feel into them fully, looking into what the deeper meaning is in this experience for me, and when they are ready, they are leave. I prefer to be calm, but, there are times when I’m not, and this is called being human, I am after all a spiritual being, living a human experience.

You see, our feelings come and our feelings go, and this is one beautiful way, our intuition speaks to us, through our feelings. It’s really important that we pay attention to them.

So when we feel into what our feelings may mean to us, it’s like a door opening, and we are being welcomed into a room, with our eyes open in wonder, because we’re about to find out something new about ourselves, this is how we can connect more deeply to our intuition.

When we, push them down and suppress them, we are effectively, choosing not to acknowledge, the way our intuition is reaching out to us and the door remains closed, the key to the door only has the ability to open, when we witness, validate and acknowledge our feelings.

Right now, in our world, we are all facing challenges in our life, directly or indirectly, through the corona virus impact, and I would love to be able to support you, through this, if indeed, you feel you need support.

After all, as empaths, intuitives and highly sensitive individuals we really on our feelings to show us the way, right?

I would love to be able to show you, how you can witness, acknowledge and validate your feelings, if you struggle with this, because there is another way, and your feelings are needing a little TLC right now. 

My feelings, your feelings, our feelings, are after all, a part of me, a part of you….. a part of all of us.

If you too, are noticing your feelings coming up for you, wanting to be seen, validated and acknowledge, I’m wondering if you’ve considered, coming into a nurturing space, such as my new online Soul Sister Circle.

An online space, which I’ve created for intuitives, empaths and sensitives to come together virtually, to feel into the deeper meaning of what is happening right now in our world, what we feel it might mean for us, and to access a deeper insight, to help us gain clarity and understanding in our lives.

To be able to talk freely, about what we’re feeling, from month to month and to be supported, as well as support your soul sisters, through this especially delicate time in all our lives, is a wonderful opportunity to have right now.

I want you to know, that is 100% OK to be feeling ALL the feelings, that are coming your way right now. Just know, that your intuition is reaching out to you, through your feelings, so instead of pushing them down next time, they call your attention, why not, feel into them for a little while, and see what happens.

If you would like to help shine a light of hope through our time together, and walk away feeling more inspired, motivated and empowered,  knowing that together, we can learn to rise through this life challenge, rather than cave into the outside noises that can seem so tempting, please sign up for my circle at the top of this page.

I would love to invite you, into this community, to see if this circle feels right for you. You’ll know if it does, because you will feel it right away.

I do hope I get to see you in there beautiful empath, intuitive, highly sensitive soul….come join me in here!

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