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It’s so vital for us to pay attention when our emotions overwhelm us.

Did you know, that our intuition is always guiding us?

In every single moment we have the opportunity to feel into her guidance, but for many of us there are other distractions keeping us from doing this.

When we are feeling disconnected from ourselves, this is often a sign that we are not paying attention to our intuition. Now this isn’t our intuition’s fault, as she is always here to guide us on our life’s path. We actually have the choice, as to whether, we want to be guided or not.

Our intuition tends to speak to us in whispers, which requires us to tune in to these whispers, to be able to hear her. Just as we do, when a young child comes up and whispers to us, we become quiet, lean in and pay attention.

This is exactly what we need to do, when our intuition whispers to us too.

I’m a big believer that our life’s struggles too are providing us with the opportunity to grow through them, if we choose to open our hearts and mind to the possibility of soul growth.

In fact, when we can lean into our emotions, during challenging times, we are being invited to look into our hearts, in the most intimate and vulnerable way, and yes, this can take a certain amount of courage on our part, to do so, but let me tell you, it can be worth it.

The reason I feel called to share this with you, is because, leaning into my overwhelming emotions, feeling them fully, and facing my emotions on, as scary as that may seem, always helps me to discover new things about myself, give the parts of myself that I’ve ignored for so long, my TLC and my intuitive abilities grow and expand as a result.

It has helped me to look at anxiety, stress, frustration and anger in a new light.

Yes, I still feel the full force of my feelings, and yes, I may still lose my shit, but, instead of ignoring the fact, that my emotions are taking over, and let them ruin my day, I try my best to follow these 5 simple steps to swim my way through the overwhelm, and this has really helped me to grow and evolve as a person.

1. I let my feelings bubbles up to the surface.

2. I feel them, try not to judge them and let them stay around for as long as they need to.

3. I often take myself out for a long walk, to walk it off, so to speak.

4. Then I ask myself, what am I suppose to learn from this situation?

5. If you open your heart, the answer will present itself to you.

To explore, nurture and expand our intuitive abilities, it is vital, that we tune into all the different array of feelings, we, as human beings are capable of feeling.

Emotions such as excitement, sadness, happiness, frustration, joy, fear, contentment, anxiety, fulfilment, anger and peace. Our emotions are always guiding us on our path.

So next time you feel any of these feelings, especially the ones that feel like they take over our minds, if you need some guidance around how to manage your emotions, perhaps my 5 step process might help you, connect to your intuitive guidance, in the way that I know you want to be able to do.

My 5 step process can help you, even if you’re not feeling brave so don’t think that you must feel courageous, just know that if you give yourself permission to fully feel your emotions, and not repress them, that you are one step closer, to receiving your intuitive guidance.

Our intuition also communicates to us through our feelings, sometimes it can warn when us, when we are in danger, and often, I feel the sensation of excitement, when opportunities are presented to me, that I know, I need to say YES too.

Empaths and highly sensitive people, like myself, use our feelings and sensations, for information and intuitive guidance as well as learning more about ourselves. It can work both ways.

So how do I know the difference?

For me personally when my emotions are triggered easily, they bubble up with force and I’m usually pretty cranky or annoyed about something. Now I’ve learnt that this is usually a time, where I am about to learn something new about myself if I’m open to this and this is where I follow my 5 step process.

My intuitive guidance on the other hand, usually comes when I least expect it. I can be having a conversation with someone or I could be exercising, meditating, hanging clothes on the line or even cooking dinner. I’m usually pretty chilled out and fully present in the moment with whatever I am doing. I generally feel a sensation, chills down my arms or a brilliant idea comes into my mind – I say a brilliant idea, because I always get excited about my ideas (just ask my husband, who has to listen to them ALL), and I get this rush of creative energy flow through me, which pushes me to take action then and there – Have you ever experienced this?

Have you ever taken the time to notice how your intuition guides you?


Are you aware of the unique way in which your intuitive nudges flow into your body?

I’d love to hear from you.

Please let me know how you identify the difference between your emotions and your intuitive guidance, what is the unique way you receive your guidance?

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