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Did you know, it’s important to feel our feelings, not push them down or even to ignore them.

Our feelings, give us a glimpse into what is going on inside our hearts……….our hearts communicate with us through our feelings.

Yes I know, it’s not always easy to lean into your stuff and reveal what may be going on in the depths of your soul, but, what I do know, is that when you lean into your stuff gently and with compassion, you begin to connect with yourself in the most intimate way & you develop a closer bond with yourself as a result……………….The most important relationship you will have in your life, is the one you have with yourself.


+ Lean into your emotions

+ Connect with your heart

+ Listen to your feelings


+ Push your feelings aside

+ Ignore your feelings

+ Pretend your feelings do not exist

So when your stuff comes up, listen, tune in, connect, insert whatever word resonates with you most, here.

Your stuff comes up for many reasons.

Your intuition may be alerting your attention to something important, which needs your attention.

Your intuition may need to teach you a learning.

Tears, Frustration, Happiness, Excitement, Anger, Feeling content, all ways you know that you are either feeling great or not feeling great. Your body’s way of communicating your needs to you is SUPER IMPORTANT.

Let yourself cry.

Let yourself feel frustrated.

Let yourself be happy.

Let yourself be excited.

Let yourself feel anger.

Let yourself feel content.

Let yourself feel…………..your heart needs to you connect with yourself in these moments.

After you feel the feels, spend time reflecting, if you haven’t already, on what these feelings mean to you. This is where the gold is………….when you spend time reflecting, you always learn a little more about yourself, or a lot.

I do believe, through my own lived experience, that our physical body, processes our emotions, and when we repress our feelings, deliberately ignore them or run 100 miles in the opposite direction, our body finds other ways to grab our attention.

I.E. We become ill or we succumb to physical injuries. Our emotions want to be witnessed, they want us to lean into our stuff, navigate and process consciously, this is a wonderful to then be able to release the emotions from our physical body.

When I fall or get injured, one of the first things I do, is ask my body what I am ignoring or what am I not paying attention to in my life. I also have a book that explains the emotional links to our physical body, and if I’m stuck, I’ll look in this book for reference.

I do not have scientific proof to support my beliefs, but, what I do have, is my life story, my own life experiences, a keen observer of human behaviour, I have witnessed the healing of many clients who I’ve worked with…..this is all the proof I need.

Working with clients, who are dealing with the same emotional themes, and are experiencing similar physical symptoms………..This always grabs my attention!

When a client comes into my practice, with a physical illness or symptom, this immediately gives me an intuitive insight into the emotional concerns that they are trying to navigate in their life.

Our mind, body and soul are not separate at all, they function together, and when one area is out of sync, it is calling our attention to work out why & to deeper parts of ourselves……….Our feelings are the way to heal, because they are calling us to tune, into the truth of our situation.

Lean into your stuff, don’t run away………..It may not be easy, but I can assure you, it will be worth looking within, because when you do so, you acknowledge to yourself, that you matter, you are worthy and that you are enough…………….and you are!

In a world, where your schedule, revolves primarily around your family, you crave “connection”, to continue deepening your intuition, but, without, this affecting your day to day commitments.

I know, because I am you.

What will your life look like in five years time, if you keep going the way you’re going now?

This is the exact Q I asked myself, ten years ago, when I was in over my head, and I don’t want you to have to hit rock bottom, because you don’t need to.

I’ve created this e-book specifically with you in mind….to help you tune into your feelings, and thrive through re-discovery of your amazingness.

Download my E-book and start re-connecting with the most important in your life……….YOU!

Kaye's 1:1 Manifesting Mojo Mentoring Sessions & Energy Healings are available world wide – Kaye is based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia and also offers "in person" mentoring to Sunshine Coast based clients and "Distance Healings" are available via zoom/phone.

You can reach out to Kaye at to schedule your 1:1 Energy Healing with her today and via Instagram and Facebook @kayevlachos-soul2soulwellness

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