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When it comes to exercise, it is so important to choose a form of movement that inspires you and leaves you feeling amazing!

Exercise has the most amazing ability, to shift and transform our energy, AKA, this is why many of us feel so much better, after we exercise than we did before we started.

I even feel that from time to time, yet, I KNOW that I will feel better, once I move my body, so unless I’m unwell, I get outside and move my body.

Movement is one of my all time “go to” well-being tools, that is a must for me, to include in my day to day life. When I find a well-being tool, that is powerful, and adds value in the ways that moving my body does for me, and I feel great as a result, then I’m all in.

On a spiritual level, movement, has the ability to cleanse our chakras, clearing any energetic blocks and processing emotions for us in a way, that sitting down and talking to a counsellor can’t. It’s not that talking to someone isn’t helpful, but, I find, that movement provides me with the most powerful transformations, when I’m working through my emotions.

My energy levels are elevated easily, and I’m left feeling inspired, and my creative ideas start flowing into my body, inspiring me to try new things.

My soul chat with yogi, reiki healer and sound healer William Wong (view here) revealed, that understanding my own self, and knowing what I need, will reveal to me, what kind of movement I need in the moment.

I have found over the last few years, that the more I tune into my body, and what she wants, I find that my body is in sync with the seasons. In the warmer months, I am more energised, and I want to do more high intensity type of exercise like playing sport, body surfing, boogie boarding and some beach sprint training.

When the cooler months roll around, I find, that my body, likes to lower the intensity of exercise, and I find myself doing a lot more walking, and less high intensity exercise, and this feels right for me.

Movement has become about honouring my temple, and not pushing her beyond her limits anymore.

There was a time, when I did push her beyond her limits, as a former elite athlete, and whilst I absolutely loved this time in my life, I do wish, I had been more in tune with her needs back then, but I cannot wind back the clock. Instead, I have reflected on those times in my life, and I’ve learnt that I must honour my body, work with her, not against her, and when I can do this, she responds in my favour. I am so thankful for what my body allows me to do. I can still do many of the activities, I did growing up, and I’ve completely dropped the activities I disliked growing up.

I’ve ditched the long distance running, because I’m not inspired, when I do this.

I’ve ditched swimming laps in a pool, because, I’m not inspired when I do this.

I’ve ditched aerobic classes, because it doesn’t inspire me.

Instead, I do what inspires me, which is exercising outside for most part.

I sprint on the beach, because I can do this barefoot, ground and charge my energy levels, by training bare foot.

I also love walking bare foot on the beach, or on the shore’s edge, this I find to be so inspiring.

I play team sport, because, it’s so much fun, and it enables me, connect with my loved ones, challenge myself, and I may still have a bit of a competitive streak in me.

I also believe, that if I don’t move my body, she will age a lot quicker, I will become more prone to illness and my immunity will drop.

My mental & emotional health will become more fragile, and my happiness levels will drop significantly.

The most important reason that I move my body, is because it makes me feel good about myself, and feel good in my skin, and if I can say this for the rest of my life, then I’ll be one happy golden oldie.

You see, my plan, is to be that golden oldie, who is still boogie boarding well into her 80’s and 90’s catching waves, just as I do now. I’ve no intention of slowing down, because I believe as long as I keep moving, my body will work with me, to bring into my life, my desires.

Move in a way, that brings you joy, and it will bring so much magic into your life, in more ways than you can ever imagine.

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