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Hey Beautiful,

I’d love to know, in what way, are you ensuring your prioritise yourself right now?

Are you a priority in your life right now?

Or is your energy being leaked out to others in your life right now?

Taking the time to read my blog, is most definitely, a sign that you are prioritising yourself, and for this, I applaud you.

So many of us, freely, give our precious energy away, without a second thought & without, taking the time to top up our energy levels, and for many of us, this is the reason, we feel drained, exhausted and energetically depleted in our day to day lives.

I’ve noticed that it has become the norm for many people, to push through each day, because, when we work hard, give everything we have to our children and push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion, it’s a sign that we are doing the right thing for everybody in our lives, or so I thought.

I know, as a new mum, I had no idea, how exhausting it was going to be, to be able to take care of my babies & manage our household, until I was in it.

I’m really fortunate that as a former athlete, I always knew that taking care of my physical & mental well-being was super important, but no one ever sat me down, to talk about my spiritual or emotional well-being. It wasn’t something we spoke about, although, I did grow up going to church on a weekly basis, and I did see first hand, the power of faith and how this can bring communities together, when people believe in a power greater than themselves.

As a mum, it wasn’t until I was way down in the trenches, that I was forced to look for new ways to top up my energy levels. I was exercising, I was eating well, I was into personal development, so my mental well-being was OK, but it wasn’t enough for me. I started wondering, whether this was all to life, because I wasn’t fulfilled, even though, I felt like I should have been…my heart was seeking for something more.

I needed something more.

Spirituality found me – I started listening to spiritual teachers I felt drawn to, connected wholeheartedly with their messages & I slowly started to see life in a completely different way – This world was mind blowing to me and so exciting to be a part of. I kept it under wraps for a while too, because, it was a way of thinking, that didn’t fit in with the norm, and until I could fully understand it for myself, I wanted to keep it to myself.

Being a connector, after a few years, I noticed how much my life transformed from the inside-out. I was learning so much about myself and it felt empowering. I wanted to share what I was learning with other women, who may feel like I did for many years, because I knew this information would empower them too. I needed to bring this to women, who want to live a more meaningful life, like I did, so that they could give from their full heart space and not from a place of continual exhaustion, like I was doing.

No one told us growing up, that our energy levels provide the solid foundations for every area of our lives, how we feel, how productive we are, how we can use our bodies, how much love we can give to ourselves and others. The more energy we have, the better chance we have to create an amazing life for ourselves, one we all deserve to live.

You see, discovering and exploring spirituality for me, has added another beautiful dimension to my life.

Want to know how?

When we prioritise, our physical well-being, this raises our energy levels and opens up our intuitive channels as well as helping us to feel amazing in our skin?
For many years now, I have known the power of physical wellness, through feeling good through exercise, receiving healing massages, getting a good nights sleep and eating foods which give me energy.

Being a lover of personal development too, I love using affirmations as a way to transform my mental well-being too and visualizations to bring into my life, my heart’s desires. I knew this stuff worked, because I had already experienced it for myself.

Then I discovered energy healing, and started to learn about physical & mental wellness on a whole new level.

You see, what I discovered is, there are multi-dimensional levels of wellness that we can embody in our lives.

Consider the different levels of wellness as 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional and more.

With each level of wellness, you focus on, you are essentially adding another level to not only how you feel in your body, also becoming aware of your own energy field, which extends beyond our physical body.

This is where energy healing helps us to move into multi dimensional wellness, because our intuition starts guiding us to do things that are going to help our overall well-being. When we wholeheartedly focused on feeling amazing as much as we can, there is a possibility for us, to up level into higher levels of wellness.

There is no judgement on what level you are at, because we all have free will and it is our personal choice how much of our time we want to dedicate to mind-body-soul wellness.

We also move through these levels in our own time, if we want or not.

What I can tell you though, is that when you first experience the next level of wellness, it's a feeling you don't want to ever go away, and this is why you see the mind-body-soul wellness trend is shifting right now to multi dimensional wellness levels.

People are beginning to experience wellness beyond anything they've ever known before, and I am loving being a small part of this journey.

Now, are you looking to move to this next level of wellness in your life?

Does the thought of learning about energy healing and spirituality excite you?

Would you like to add more meaning to your life and nurture/expand your own intuitive abilities at the same time?

This is absolutely, why, I have created my monthly “Soul Sister Circle”, for mama’s like yourself, who find it super hard to create “ME” time.

I decided to bring “Soul Sister Circle” to you, in your bedroom or living room, so you can easily make the switch from “mama” to hanging with like-hearted women, by clicking into our online zoom call.

What is required of you?

All you need to do, is bring yourself a cuppa, your favourite angel/oracle cards, your crystals, a pen and a journal and I guide you through our magical evening together.

I want you to feel expansive and light filled at the end of our time together, excited about your life and feeling confident that you can create the kind of life you dream of for yourself.

Here’s the thing, it does require you to give yourself permission and then take action!

You need to feel the “HELL YES” in your belly, your inner guidance showing you the way.


Then, you can click on the link below, which will take you my “SOUL SISTER CIRCLE” page, so that you can be welcomed with open arms into this beautiful community.

In between our monthly gatherings, we connect in our private Facebook group, which you will be invited into, after you sign up. This is where the magic really happens, where we share all the amazing things that are happening in our lives, where we put into action, everything we are learning together in our online circle.

When you can connect to your inner guidance, listen to her, and allow her to guide you from moment to moment, you truly connect to your self, your soul and your light – The only way to live life, I believe.

Everyone has intuitive abilities, and everyone, has the ability to grow and develop their intuitive abilities, yes, even you beautiful!

How amazing would it be, to be able to……

*Step away from drama that pulls you in, when you don’t want to be pulled in

*Start inspiring your loved ones to shine in their lives too

*Make yourself a priority in your life again

*Use ”LOVE” as your guiding light, instead of “FEAR”

*Discover your own Intuitive SUPERPOWERS

*Help your loved ones to discover their Intuitive SUPERPOWERS too

*Start empowering our next generation, your children, your nephews/nieces and your friends

*Live the most meaningful life possible

*Learn to focus on what can be possible for you in your life

Sign up here for my next SOUL SISTER CIRCLE TODAY!

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