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marriage & marathons.....

Having recently celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary with my bestie, I sat down to reflect on our time together as couple & wanted to share with you my reasons as to why our marriage is still thriving after all this time.

I am SO proud of the amazing life we have co-created & am super excited to share with you OUR story.....

"Your precious wedding day has been & gone, you’ve had your beautiful honeymoon, loads of pressies still to unwrap, now what?"

When my hubby Charles & I returned from our tranquil honeymoon in Bali, I was still vomiting every morning, just like I had been for the 4wks leading up to our wedding day. We had a new flooring business which Charles was pouring his heart & soul into & we were also preparing to welcome our 1st precious baby girl into our family. We were living in a new city, away from all our family & friends & we didn’t really know what we were doing, so we pretty much fumbled our way through, figuring it out as we went along.

Sound a little unorthodox?

You are supposed to get married first right? Then you can buy the house & start making babies. What we learnt was sometimes life has it’s own plan for you, it may not unfold exactly how you envision it, but when you roll with it, life supports you in every way.

What were we both able to bring to the matrimonial table?

  • A deep desire to dream big & never give up

  • Our fierce loyalty for one another

  • My glass half full approach to life

  • Charles' strong worth ethic, guts & determination

This in a nutshell is our recipe for a successful marriage - it's an authentic account for a couple who know that the journey is to be enjoyed. Now, how about you gorgeous? Are you enjoying your marital journey? What makes your marriage a success? If I could whisper words of wisdom into my 31yr old self's ear on her wedding day, what nuggets of wisdom would I share with her?

  • Dream BIG Sister!

  • You kids will be SO damn cute!

  • Loyalty, communication & trust is EVERYTHING!

  • Marriage is a marathon, be prepared to go the distance & put in the hard yakka.

  • The most precious gift you can give Charles, is to give him the time & space he may need to grow within your marriage.

  • LOVE is the answer to your question.

  • Live in the NOW – wake up every day with a positive attitude & be gentle with yourself.

  • You are figuring this marriage thing out together & you WILL figure it out.

  • Be present, give Charles your full attention when you are talking to each other.

  • LISTEN with your heart.

  • You are much stronger than you think. The power of your partnership is limitless & together you will make the most amazing team.

  • Lighten up sister, let go & have fun with it – life is meant to be FUN!

  • Buckle up, your dreams are all about to come true - you have the most amazing journey ahead of you, babies, business success, travel & the beach life you both adore so much.

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