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focus on what you want in your life.....

For so many years I preferred to focus on the areas in my life I felt I was lacking in, I compared myself to others, thinking others were better than me & wondered why I felt stuck in my life – This was particularly evident in my mid-late twenties when my friends were all getting married & starting their families & I couldn’t even find a boyfriend let alone think about starting my own family. As happy as I was for my friends, I wondered why I couldn’t have the same things in my own life. I felt lost & sometimes alone trying to figure this life thing out on my own. Hindsight is always such a beautiful thing & looking back now I realise that I thought when I brought these things into my life I would feel loved & validated – I didn’t realise at the time that I needed to look within to validate & love myself.

And you know what?

I was seriously missing out, neglecting to see my amazing qualities which already existed within me. If I had taken the time to look within I would have seen that,

+ I am a super optimistic glass half full kind of girl.

+ I am kind & compassionate to others.

+ I speak & listen with my heart.

My younger self was so great at pin pointing others strengthes & abilities yet had so much trouble focussing on what made her incredible. When people complimented her, she brushed off their kind words instead of graciously accepting their warm & fuzzies with the loving energy they had been infused with.

These days she makes the time to reflect & recognises that shes’s doing the best she can.

+ I am still your super optimistic glass half full kind of girl.

+ I am kind & compassionate with myself aswell as others now.

+ I look inside my own heart & listen to my own needs & desires first.

She see’s so much of herself in her daughters & wants to give them the gift of unconditional love. She knows that this can only be achieved by learning to love herself unconditionally.

How about you?

How do you make time to look inside your own heart to see what’s going?

I can guarantee you, there is a whole lot happening inside your beautiful body & your soul is crying out to be heard, felt & seen.

I also promise you that when you nurture your soul, this will be reflected in your day to day life.

My SUPER effective AND easy wellness tip for you.....

Please create clarity around what you want in your life & when you place your focus on this particular area in your life, take some inspired action, watch this blossom into something trully amazing.

Have a beautiful day.




PS If you have a special someone whom would absolutey soak up all the loving energy infused into my blog, please share this blogpost with them with my blessing.

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