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Meet Rachael Jansen.....

Hey Gorgeous, Last week I had the amazing opportunity to chat with super inspiring Rachael Jansen.

Rachael is a journalist & health coach who is super passionate about health, happiness, balance & fulfillment. She is also the co-founder of The Better Mums Project & has created the School Hours Entrepeneurs Facebook Group where she supports amazing mumma's who are balancing business & babies. In our chat today she shares with us SO many juicy lifestyle tips including - + Why it's so important to stop putting pressure on yourself + Why intuition is so important in our day to day lives + The impact putting yourself first will have on your children + Her tips for dealing with overwhelm + Why saying "NO" to someone else is actually saying "YES" to yourself + Her personal self-love practice

Click here to view my inspirational video with Rachael.

Now Gorgeous, if you enjoyed meeting Rachael Jansen, be sure to check out her podcasts & if you are a school hours entrepreneur like myself, why not become a member of her School Hours Entrepreneurs Facebook Group today.

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