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Creating your Happiness Lifestyle with Rosie Chehade

Hey Gorgeous,

Today you have a front row seat to view my skype chat with the vivacious Rosie Chehade, founder of the online hub Rosie partners with passion filled women (and courageous men) just like you who feel totally frustrated with where they're at. Two incurable diseases saved her & by digging deeper than she ever had before, she did a 180 on sick & opened herself to her new happiness lifestyle. Rosie graciously sat down with me (virtually) to dive into a soulful conversation around why she has embraced her "HAPPINESS LIFESTYLE". She reveals to me her beautiful nuggets of wisdom including + How her diagnosis provided the catalyst for change in her life. + Why she now takes an inside-out approach to happiness & health + How to choose love over fear from moment to moment

+ Why "Awareness" is the lighthouse to rising up & being your authentic self + How making gradual changes led her to find her happiness lifestyle + Why saying NO to someone else is actually saying YES to yourself She is one super inspiring lady & there is SO much I absolutely loved about our candid chat & I hope you resonate with Rosie as much I do. You can view our gorgeous chat by clicking on the link here .

Wishing you love & light always !

Love K xxxxx


If YOU are struggling day to day and are looking for inspiration, motivation & gentle encouragement, I hope through my heart-centred writing to show you WHY you absolutely DESERVE to create an AMAZING life for yourself & HOW to do it! So thank you in ADVANCE for making this BEAUTIFUL commitment to yourself and to your life – Making the decision to start your own wellness revolution in your heart is where it all begins! This journey is to be enjoyed - It takes courage to instigate change & I applaud you for having the courage to know that your time is NOW – It is NOW time for you to put yourself FIRST in your life & live the life you always dreamed for yourself!

If you feel my heart-centred writing will add value to a loved ones life, please share the love & forward this to them with MY blessing!

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