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Introducing IRONMUM Karla Gilbert

Hey Gorgeous, How excited do you get when you meet someone who shares the same passions in life as you do? Well if you're anything like me, it's super exciting & sometimes hard to contain your excitement & this is how I felt when I sat down to chat about SPORT, FAMILY & WELLNESS with former professional Ironwoman Karla Gilbert.

Karla dominated the sport of Ironwoman racing for 10yrs, including winning the first ever professional Ironwoman race as a teenager. Before immersing herself in ironwoman racing, Karla experienced sporting success in other sports, representing Queensland in Cross Country Running, track & field & swimming. Her passion for water sports is still alive today & she now competes internationally in marathon stand up paddleboard events. What are the life lessons Karla has learnt from sport? + Being consistent with everything she does - she believes Consistency IS the KEY. + Showing up for herself each & every day + Considering her future with every decision she makes. + Not giving up, BE PERSISTANT. + Using every opportunity to learn & grow including her mistakes In a nutshell, what does body confidence mean to her? + Being confident in your own skin + Doing away with comparison because we are ALL unique + Nourishing yourself well to give your body the best chance to perform well. + Creating a belief system which helps you thrive in your life

Karla has always taken the responsibility for her health & wellness into her own hands & loves to keep up to date with the latest training methods & food trends, so the decision to become a Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coach was a natural progression for her to make. She continues to inspire through her wellness blog Ironmum Karla & is currently experiencing beautiful success with her 1:1 health coaching & her 7wk online e-course "THE KARLA GILBERT METHOD". What did I love most about meeting Karla? + How she is now encouraging her two daughters to find their passions in life. + The way life has fallen into place for her because she is following her heart. + She radiates kindness, positivity & inner strength. + She loves simple, quick & easy meals just like ME!

There is so much gorgeous goodness in our interview so be sure to grab a cuppa & click on to the link below to take you straight to our inspirational chat if you'd like to find out more about Ironmum Karla Gilbert & how the "KARLA GILBERT METHOD" will help you to - + Reduce your stress levels which impact your health & wellness + Discover the right way to eat for your body + Learn simple & sustainable wellness tools which fit easily into your life + Uncover your emotional triggers which are blocking you from living your best life + Nourish yourself from the inside-out She also shares with me her favourite family "go to" meals & her 1 simple self care tool which keeps her on track each day. Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it? Scroll up to view my candid chat with this wonderful woman.

Please let me know in the comments box what resonated most with you & if you have a loved one who will be inspired, please share this inspirational interview with my blessings.

You can follow Karla on the links below -

Instagram: @karlagilbert

Wishing you love & light always ! Love K xxxxx

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