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Loving yourself is your Children's Legacy!

+ LOVING YOURSELF is the legacy you can leave to your children. You are the shining star in your life, so get excited about it! Your life is something to get pumped up about. Champion your own life & why not look to yourself for inspiration - I promise you it's worth it.

+ BE THE EXAMPLE – Children will model how they see us live our lives, not what we tell them to do, so if there are philosophies or messages you want them to learn in this life, you need to exemplify them in your own life. If we do not embody our philosophies we end up sending them mixed messages.

+ YOU ARE THEIR WORLD - When you live authentically and you model the philosophies you are teaching them, you are being the example. Even if they do not embrace your philosophy, keep being the example, this in time will show them YOU are living your truth and this is such a powerful message to pass on to your children. My daughters used to love meditating with me, yet as they grow older they are leaning away from doing this with me and this is totally OK. Meditating is my own unique personal journey and I want them to follow their own hearts and do what lights them up from the inside, not do what lights me up inside if it does not resonate with their heart. I also have not stopped meditating because of them, I'm choosing to stay true to my own heart's guidance and continue to do what I love on a regular basis.

How can I encourage my children to live an active life, if I myself am not active in my own life on a daily basis?

How do I convince my children to meditate, if I myself do not meditate on a regular basis?

How can I help my children to manage their emotions if I myself do not make the effort to manage my emotions when I am triggered?

How do I encourage my children to eat foods which fuel me up, if I do not prioritise in my own life?

Where do you show up for yourself on a daily basis? How do your children know that loving yourself is a priority?

Sometimes it takes the most important little beings in our lives to kick start us on our self love journey and this is exactly what happened to me. Becoming a mama made me realise that life is about much more than just little old me. How I choose to live my life directly impact my children's lives and this is all the inspiration I need to learn how to love myself from the inside-out.


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