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I believe intuition can stand separate from the woo woo, and I’m a spiritually aligned woman.

I also, know a lot of highly intuitive people, who are not exactly into the woo woo, and are fantastic at following their gut instincts in their every day life.

So do you actually need to be spiritual, to be intuitive?

Absolutely not!

I do get where the confusion comes from though, because, phrases like….

“Tuning into your intuition” and  “Receiving Intuitive downloads” are often thrown around by us spiritually aligned peeps, and therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that people, believe to be intuitive, you must be spiritual.

So, if you are new to all this spiritual mumbo jumbo and you’d like a bit of a break down on the some of the terminology, us spiritual folk like to throw around, today, I’m breaking it down for you as simply as I can.

I know sometimes it can sound like another language right?

I see, the look in people’s eyes, when I speak sometimes, it really is a dead give away, that I seem to be speaking another language other than English.

So I hope my attempt to break down some of the most commonly used terms, which may even dismay some of our spiritual folk….ooops……but my simple goal here is to invite you into this amazing world, that you may have been peering in from the outside for way too long now.

It’s time to come inside beautiful lady…..

So here are my super simple definitions of 5 commonly used terms in spiritual circles, that you may have already heard, but not fully understand…..I hope I don’t add to your confusion!


To create an object/experience, by using your thoughts, actions and feelings


The ability to understand something instinctively, using your senses

High Vibe / Raise your Vibration

The higher your energy vibrates, the better your feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Inspired Action

Doing an activity, when you feel inspired, creative or excited.


Our centres of spiritual power in our bodies or our body’s life force energy centres, we have multiple.

My goal is to break down the wall, between spiritually aligned women and women, who want to learn what all the fuss is about right now, and welcome you into my world.

A world for many years, where I had one foot in the spiritual side, and the other, in the so called real world, where I used to play my spiritual side down – This can be no longer, I’m bringing both my worlds together, because they make up the person I am today.

A world, where women come together, to cheer each other on, celebrate each other’s successes and hold space for each other, when this is needed. We call ourselves, SOUL SISTERS!

We are figuring out this life thing, together, as well as alone at times, but we always have each other to come back to – There really is no other way to be!

When you peer in, from the outside, it can sometimes be overwhelming & also super exciting, all at the same time. At least, this is how it felt for myself, as, I too, peered in from the outside for a long long time.

A new way of thinking, of seeing this world, understanding so called strange sounding concepts, which seemed foreign to me at first, and over time, what I came to understand, was that understanding the definition of these words really don’t matter at all.

It just felt right to be in this world, that I knew nothing about 20yrs ago, and we all find ourselves in this space, when the timing is right for each of us – Our journeys are unique to each and every one of us! 

What it all boils down to, what really matters in life, is that we do the things in life, that feel right for us, without needing to explain it to anybody – When it feels right, it is right.  It really is this simple.

So let me save you, all the study, I’ve done through the years, unless of course, you want to, then go for it. For those of you won’t want to study, I want you to know, that you can still learn how to connect to your intuition and live a more meaningful life, through doing so. 

In fact, it may surprise you know, that we are ALL intuitive!

Yes, we all have the ability to connect with our intuition, in fact, you will already be familiar with phrases, such as, following your gut, listening to your heart, going with your hunch, or doing something that feels right for you.

I’m going to go to branch out a little further, and say, that if these are actual phrases, you say from time to time, then I hate to break it to you, but, you are intuitive, my friend.

Being intuitive, just means, that you know how to tune into your body’s amazing way, of speaking to us, through using our senses, and that you trust your gut, hunch, heart and feelings.

Our intuition is here for us ALWAYS, 24/7, in every moment.

There are no if’s or but’s, this I know to be wholeheartedly true, for each and every one of us is intuitive, yes, even you beautiful.

Now, if you’d love to learn more about this topic, in a non woo woo way, you  might like to download my E-guide “EXTRA-ORDINARY” – EXTRA-ORDINARY is a fantastic E-guide which walks you through super practical ways to connect & trust your intuition, and start to see them as your super powers.

So if you’re ready, to take the leap, into this fantastic world of intuition, manifesting, raise your vibration, learn to balance your chakras and take inspired action, you are so in the right place.

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