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Why am I so focused on manifesting right now?

I'm being guided to chat and chat and chat about this topic so much more, because the time is ripe now to manifest.

For me, it's always about trusting what is coming through me intuitively, to share with you my insights, and I keep being guided to talk about manifesting.

Remember, to create the container, where you invite your intuition in, sit in contemplation and imagine what it feels like to create the experience/s you desire.

Let me ask you, are you feeling this vibe too?

There is also strong intuitive messaging coming through to me right now about taking aligned action.

What does this mean?

It means, pay close attention to your energy levels, do your best to keep them elevated as much as you can and this will allow for your creative juices to flow – When you are in this creative space, you feel excited and enthusiastic, this is when you take action, or what I like to call, aligned action.

Aligned action is basically, taking action, when inspiration hits and letting your inspiration guide you.

Elevated Energy Levels + Inspired Creativity + Aligned Action = Manifesting your Heart’s Desires

I’ve outlined these simple steps in my 70 minute “Manifesting Mojo” Downloadable Online Video Workshop, if you haven’t already watched it, you can download it here, right now. Once you’ve learnt how to to manifest consciously for yourself, you will then be able to empower your family, friends and your work colleagues.

A super affordable way to bring more magic into your life, and into your loved ones lives too.

Always, always take aligned action beautiful!

If you are feeling out of alignment, ask yourself.....


Listen to your intuition’s response and "just do it"!

Your intuition may guide you through your feelings, an inner knowing, words which pop into your mind, a visual impression or through signs/symbols that you come across throughout your day.

Remember your intuition is your super power beautiful!

Your intuitive super powers will help you.....

  • To problem solve

  • To help you navigate from moment to moment.

  • To help you parent in a way that's inspiring

  • To help you show up in your life in a way that feels good

  • Empower yourself in the most magical way.

Who doesn't want to use their super powers?

I don’t know anyone, who doesn’t want to feel more empowered in their life.

Knowing what to do to feel empowered is key.

I believe manifesting consciously is necessary for us to thrive.

Learning how to manifest, has given me the empowerment I’ve needed for myself and to now be able to teach it to others, is super fulfilling for me – The best part?

Reading and listening to all the amazing life experiences my clients are manifesting for themselves, the proof is in the manifesting beautiful and I’m all about the proof. I wouldn’t be teaching this, if it didn’t work.

Let me ask you……..

What do you need to do right now to feel more empowered?

Where in your life, ,do you feel you lack empowerment?

What is one thing you can do today, to take your power back?

What is one thing that has resonated with you, reading my blog today………….This is your intuition guiding you right now.

Learn more about Kaye’s Online Soul Sister Circle here.

If you’d like to schedule your own personal energy healing, no matter, where you live, contact Kaye here.

Interested in my downloadable “Manifesting Mojo” workshop – Click the link below to watch it right now.

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