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As an intuitive mindset coach, my job is to hold space for you, so that you can connect to your own intuition – your creative energy force is key here and so today I want to help you connect to your creative energy flow, so your intuitive guidance flows through with ease and in a way that you can clearly recognise her.

All my intuitives, are jumping up and down now with a resounding HELL YES; because they KNOW.

They know that connecting to our intuition consistently and clearly, depends on a few things.

1 Paying attention to our intuitive nudges

2 Ensuring our energy levels are elevated

3 Intuition loves a quiet and relaxing space

It’s not my job as an Intuitive Mindset Coach, to tell you what to feel or how to feel, rather, when you work with me, I am here to help you discover the ways that your intuition uniquely sends you guidance. I love this part of my job SO much, it is SO much fun and through the years, I can still be surprised in the ways in which each client receives her guidance.

Through my soul sister circles and 1:1 intuitive mentoring, I’ve seen many different and wonderful ways we all receive our guidance, and when we can do this for ourselves, and feel confident in trusting our intuitive guidance, our lives transform in the most magical way.

This is journey, I hope everyone gets to experience in this life time, but as you know, there is a thing called divine timing, and we all reach our spiritual awakening in our own timing. This is not a journey to be forced on anyone.

What I do know for sure, is that for me to consciously, explore, nurture and expand my own intuitive abilities, there is one thing, that I regularly focus on in my day to day life, to be able to create an open channel for my intuition to come through easily, in a way that I can recognise.

I also believe, that we all have the ability to do this for ourselves, yes, I mean you. You can easily do this for yourself too.

We may not all have the ability to speak to spirit, or speak to passed loved ones, but we do all have the ability to tune into our intuition, and I know that even if you feel disconnected right now, I can show you, when you work with me, how you have been tuning into your intuition, in your day to day life, you just may not know that you are already doing this.

It will also happen naturally, when you do this one thing for yourself.

Are you ready?


Quite simply, everything is life is about our energy levels.

When we prioritise our energy levels AKA well-being, everything else falls into place easily, because, the universe responds to our vibration. When our energy levels are high, so is our vibration.

We all know that our well-being matters, but we don’t all prioritise this in our lives.

But if you knew, that if all you had to do was take care of your energy levels by looking after your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well-being, for your intuitive guidance to flow through, it would be a no-brainer right?

If you are someone who is super keen, like myself, to explore, nurture and expand your intuitive abilities, this will be a fantastic place for you to start, and your intuitive guidance will be flowing through in no time.

For me personally, I find it easier, to take a few minutes each morning jotting down in my journal, the ways that I intend to do this for myself. It then takes the thinking out of it, for me, and I know that I’m covering all my well-being bases, because I have already decided on what I will do for this day.

The more I can fit into my day, the better I feel, and this isn’t always doable, every day for me, and this is OK. I don’t aim for perfection, but rather, consistency, and if I drop my well-being practice, I will pick it up again at some point. In the evening, before I go to sleep, I check in with my journal to see what I did accomplish and what I didn’t. I try not to judge it, I just cast my eyes over my words and I also take this moment to check in to see, whether, doing or not doing these activities made me feel good, this is a significant step for me.

The key is to do things, which help you feel good, and this will be unique to you.

For example, I love, love, love to exercise outside in nature, play sport, boogie board in the ocean, go for beach walks, listen to 90’sRnB music, sing in my car whilst I’m driving, listen to inspirational podcasts, meditate, play with my angel cards, get a good night’s sleep and spend quality time with my loved ones – This is how I fill my wellness well up & raise my energy levels and when I do this on a regular basis, I find I am more creative and my intuitive guidance drops in with ease.

What are activities that you love to do, which bring you joy and elevate your energy levels, beautiful?

They will no doubt be different to me, and I love this.

Rather, once you learn how to connect into your intuition, this is the best way for you to receive your guidance. When you can learn to trust in your own inner guidance, and you will, then, you will also transform your life in the most magical way.

I know that elevating my energy levels, is VITAL for me, to open the channel for my creative energy to flow through – In fact, it has become an essential part of living a life filled with love, laughter and loads of adventures. Including activities into my EVERYDAY life which elevate my energy levels, has transformed my life in the most magical way, and I want this for you too.

If you knew, that this one simple tip, could transform your life, wouldn’t it be worth exploring elevating your energy levels?

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