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Let’s face it, from time to time, or maybe it’s every day for you, life can feel monotonous right?

Waking up at the same time every day, making brekkie for our kids, washing load after load of clothes in the washing machine, hanging them out to dry, bringing them back in at the end of the day, folding them and putting them away, washing the mountain of dishes in the kitchen sink, the list never ends….and it can be exhausting, when all our time is taken up with all things we feel we need “TO DO” and somewhere along the line, lose track of the dreams, that filled our hearts, and remember that time, when we spend our time day dreaming about our future, and how we wanted our lives to turn out.

Is your life turning out, the way, you always dreamed it would?

If your answer is YES, then I bow down to you and I want to hear from you – I want to hear about how you’ve done this for yourself…..and I’m super happy for you.

If your answer is NO, and you’re still here listening, it’s time for a positive change – No one deserves to live a life which feels dull and boring. When our lives are dull and boring, it sucks the life out of us, we lose our joy, we are not much fun to be around  & I can’t have this happening to you beautiful.

We all have hopes and dreams for ourselves, now, they may shift throughout our lives, and if we are living out our dreams, then we can tick them off, as we experience them. No matter who you are, I know, at one stage of your life, you dreamt about your future and it felt exciting.

It’s time to re-ignite that spark again beautiful.

Now, this is what I know to be true for myself and I am 100% certain about in my life …..

  • I AM an amazing role model for both my daughters

  • I AM an amazing partner in my marriage

  • I AM inspiring and empowering women EVERY DAY to live an EXTRA-ORDINARY LIFE

  • I AM living my life to the max, in my own unique way.

  • I AM filling my life with amazing adventures.

  • I AM doing everything in my power, to create magical memories with my family/friends.

I articulate this in the present tense, because, if I use the phrase “ I want to….”, in place of the phrase “I AM”, this eludes to the view point, that I am reaching for this goals/desires. When I articulate this in the present tense and say “I AM”, I feel the embodiment of my dream, inside my body, it FEELS REAL and my  body is affirming this fact to me, that I AM living my EXTRA-ORDINARY life right now.

I am going to help you live an EXTRA-ORDINARY life too.

Each one of us, deserves to live a life, filled with love, laughter, soulful conversations and lots of adventures - YES, this means you too!

I am creating my own magic in  my life, through applying the tools & simple steps that I use in my every day life, I’ve already helped many women embark on a similar journey, and I am going to help you create your own magic in your life too, with the launch of my new digital e-book “EXTRA-ORDINARY” very soon.

Please don’t settle for an ordinary existence, when you can up level right now beautiful.

When you pick up up a copy of my e-book, you will find inside, so much juicy goodness, that you can start applying straight away and you will start to feel better so quickly. I will share with you, why I’m so devoted to living an EXTRA-ORDINARY LIFE, exactly, how I am doing this….and more importantly, I will show you step by step, how you can start doing this for yourself.

It wasn’t until, my two gorgeous daughters came into our world, that I began to reflect on what kind of legacy, I wanted to leave behind – I pondered Q’s like “What did I want my daughters to learn from me?” “How can I model this to them, through example?” and “ What adventures, can we share together, that will create magical memories for the both of us?”

All these questions, I asked of myself, came down to the fact, that I needed to live an EXTRA-ORDINARY life, if I wanted this for my daughters. The best example I can leave for them, is the way I choose to live my life right? 

Living an EXTRA-ORDINARY LIFE, means, start taking action. Start ticking EVERYTHING off my bucket list now, one action step at a time, not later, this has been the foundation of living the life of my dreams. Tapping into my heart’s desires, and then bringing them into reality, to experience. Life is meant for LIVING TO THE FULL NOW – Life doesn’t promise us tomorrow beautiful, we hope dearly that tomorrow will come, however, our moment to shine is NOW beautiful. 

Now, if you dearly, want to end the boredom and dullness, that you are currently experiencing, then, make sure you head over to my website to sign up for my newsletter – This is where you will hear about my e-book when it launches.

Time is of the essence beautiful, start taking action for yourself now, prioritise yourself in your life, so that you can start living an EXTRA-ORDINARY LIFE. Living an EXTRA-ORDINARY life will fill your life with more laughter, love, kindness, compassion, and exciting adventures, and we all know, that as a collective, we need these qualities in each and every to infuse every area of our lives.

You are not going to be alone on this journey, I am going to hold your hand, tell you exactly, where to start and how to get started – You can also, choose your own adventure, and start where ever you  feel drawn too throughout the book.

Ready to bring more excitement into your life again?

Remember you deserve this, for yourself and no body can give you permission except YOU!

Ready to create an EXTRA-ORDINARY LIFE for yourself beautiful?

I really do hope so.

Your journey soulful mama, beings with my Ebook
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