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change your energy.....change your life

Hey Gorgeous,

If you are already familiar with my blog, you will know that my

Wellness by Design Principles have to pass the following test......

- Can I fit this into my current lifestyle with ease?

- Is this change sustainable?

- Will this change bring more joy & add value to my life?

You may also know that deep breathing OR meditation has become a


I wholeheartedly encourage you to experiment with a variety of meditations & over time you will find your own blissful way to breathe. I can tell you that I prefer to mix it up & this varies from day to day.

The perfect meditation blend for me always begins each morning with Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Cleanse Meditation (CCM) & to help me wind down in the evening, I will sit in my comfy armchair & meditate for 15-20min focussing on my energy centres which I feel need some extra TLC.

Now I’ll let you in on my little secret.....

I love to meditate under my warm cosy doona in my bed, as soon as I feel my body start to slowly wake up I start my CCM. By the time I finish my CCM my body is BUZZING with the most AMAZING energy.

Trust me when I say, you’ve gotta experience it to believe it.

This stuff seriously works & I am more in tune with my physical & spiritual needs than I’ve ever been.

Since committing to Belinda’s CCM I have been able to -

- Create more abundance in my life.

- Draw into my life, the most amazing & fulfilling relationships.

- Create new wonderful opportunities for myself.

- Elevate my energy levels & improve my physical health.

- Curb my mind chatter (Believe me, my mind chatter needed some serious curbing.)

- Remain youthful & exuberant as I continue to get older - who doesn't want that?

- Feel more & more confident in offering my unique gifts to the world.

Get your chakras rocking & you WILL be able to bring into your life what you trully desire.

Now if you are keen to create your own awesome juju & you want to experience Belinda’s “Guided Chakra Cleanse Meditation for Busy People” for yourself. Then please click on here to access this blissful audio download.

If you want to step it up a notch & learn how to get your chakra’s rocking yourself to create the life you trully desire, then I will show you how you can do this in my next blog.

Have a beautiful day! Love K xxxxx


If YOU are struggling day to day and are looking for inspiration, motivation & gentle encouragement, I hope through my blog posts to show you WHY you absolutely DESERVE to create an AMAZING life for yourself & HOW to do it! So thank you in ADVANCE for making this BEAUTIFUL commitment to yourself and to your life – Making the decision to start your own wellness revolution in your heart is where it all begins! This journey is to be enjoyed - It takes courage to instigate change & I applaud you for having the courage to know that your time is NOW – It is NOW time for you to put yourself FIRST in your life & live the life you always dreamed for yourself.

If you feel this blog post will add value to a loved ones life, please share the love & forward this your loved one & your friends with my blessing.

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